Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tilapia with Chili Lime Sauce

This is another recipe from The Asian Cookbook. As it gets warmer here in Arizona I like to eat lighter foods like fish and salads, so look forward to more of that on the blog.

The Ingredients...I adapted this to serve one

The steps. I had tilapia so that is the fish I used.

Check out this ultra cheat product from Fresh and Easy. You throw it in the microwave for 90 seconds and you have perfectly cooked rice ready to go. I also got some brown rice. I am all about convenience foods that have quality ingredients and that are tasty. This will be my side dish.

I got the monster sized Lime at my local Mexican grocery store, along with the dried chilis. Dried chilis are a great substitute if you cannot get them fresh.

I like frying in peanut oil as a nice change to olive oil. I use it in most of my stir fries and fried meats.

My garlic started to sprout, but thats ok, there is still good garlic in there!

Brown sugar. The recipe also says you can use Jaggery which is an unrefined sugar from Asia.

I get these fillets frozen and they are so convenient for single serving meals.

I just liked this photo, and hey, this is my blog I can be artsy for a second if I want to be.

Get your fish coated in the corn starch you saw earlier.

Get your garlic all pressed out.

cut your lime. if you absolutely have to use that lime from a bottle stuff go for it, but if you can get fresh limes DO IT you will be so much happier with the results...

Also, you cannot zest a green plastic lime filled with juice. Adding citrus zest to your recipes brings a lot of flavor. You will be amazed when you smell the citrus scents that are emitted when you get those essential oils going by using the zester. You can also use a microplane grater.

OK we are ready to get cooking. Get your oil nice and hot in your wok.

While it heats, run a knife through your chilis.

Get the fish in the oil and let it hang out for a few minutes. Use a spatula to peek underneath it and flip it when it is browned.

It looks good already!

Remove the fish to some foil and fold it up to maintain the heat. Get chilis and garlic in the pan and stir them around. After its in there a bit get your lime juice, water and brown sugar in the pan. Keep a close eye on this so it doesn't burn up. Once again my garlic turned blue! I have to reiterate that blue garlic is not bad, its just a chemical reaction, usually to something metallic.

The chili lime sauce will just have your mouth exploding with flavors. The plain rice is perfect for this because anything else might just be palate overload!

Fish is good food!


  1. OMG Rhonda, this looks AMAZING!! I love tilapia and it's so quick to cook. Scott hates it b/c it takes 5-6 pieces to fill him up!


  2. I love your artsy photo!
    I have to tell you, that when I can't think of something to make for dinner, I scroll through your archives, and I always get an idea. Thank you for that!

    all the best-

  3. That looks so good! I need to start eatimg more fish.
    BTW, I really enjoy your photography! The artsy stuff just adds to the ambiance!

  4. Yum.

    I love this blog.

    nm (ernest's mom)

    found you via twitter and ernest loves joe and I love to cook.

  5. I love fish and chili lime. I will be trying this for sure.

  6. I just LOVE chili lime too! This will be a must try for sure. And can I say again how happy I am Sacramento is getting some Fresh & Easy stores - 19 of them to be exact! Only problem is I have to wait until next year!!!


  7. This looks interesting so I will have to try it even though I'm not a fishy person. However, I did have a piece of haddock(?) today that was nice and battered like crazy and the tartar sauce was AWESOME. I wish I knew what that restaurant put in there!