Sunday, April 25, 2010

I am still alive!

I just wanted to update and explain the reason for my absence is we are moving! We are moving about 15 miles north to a newer home close to my In-Laws. Packing a house and arranging all the details are draining me and I haven't been able to cook much at all.

We have managed to get to a couple of baseball games at Chase Field to see my D-Backs.

And since a lot of my kitchen is packed up, we have been eating out a bit more.

This is the Tequila Chicken at one of my favorite Mexican places in Tempe, AZ, Mucho Gusto. Tom absolutely loves the place and can't get enough of the Gaucho Steak, either in taco form or just a nice big steak as he is eating in this picture.

We should be all moved by May 10th and then the unpacking and getting life back to normal can begin.