Sunday, March 16, 2008

Onion Crusted Pork Chops with Roasted Potatoes

This recipe came from a little cookbook I picked up at Ikea. Much like their furniture assembly instructions, their recipes leave a little to be desired.

Onion, not shallots, strange for me.

When dicing or slicing a whole onion, cut yourself a little slice off the bottom so you have a flat surface. That way your onion isn't rolling all over when you are chopping.

Real butter is your friend.

The reason for using both butter and olive oil is because olive oil has a higher smoke point so it keeps your butter from browning.

Do not be alarmed that this looks like way too much onion, it will cook way down.

If I am turning on the oven I usually roast some potatoes. I love roasted potatoes!

chop them up

I season my potatoes with this mix called Randa spice. You can use whatever spices you like.

get them nice and covered with olive oil and get them in the oven.

keep an eye on your onions and get your other topping items going.

Peppercorns and parsley. If you don't have whole peppercorns, shame on you, but you can use regular black pepper. But really, fresh ground pepper is worth it.

Get your pork out and get it seasoned.

Season it with salt and pepper. Yes, my pepper grinder is very big. Several years ago I came home from work to find a package at my doorstep. The package contained this giant pepper grinder and it was from my Dad. He bought one for all three of his kids. It was totally random and totally a surprise as he usually never bought us things like this. He passed away a few years ago but my sister and I always like to laugh about how he got us a great pepper grinder that can also be used as a weapon if needed.

keep stirring the onions, you don't want them to burn.

Once they are nice and caramelized pull them out of the pan and get the parsley and peppercorns mixed in.

Now get your pork cooking.

While the pork browns (should only take a couple of minutes on both sides), mix your parmesan cheese and bread crumbs.

When the chops are browned on both sides put them in a baking dish and top them with the onions.

Add the cheese and breadcrumbs. Get it in the oven for about 10 minutes.

Your potatoes have already been in for about 15 so after the additional 10 minutes with the pork they come out looking great.

Pull the chops out and breathe in the delicious aromas.

This turned out so delicious. The breading and cheese gets a nice crispness to it and the peppercorns are hidden and burst in your mouth. I will definitely make this again!


  1. OMG! I haven't had breakfast yet and my mouth is watering! Those pork chops look so good! I love onions, so you could never have too many, especially fixed like that. I want to get some of that Panko. I see so many people using that now intead of tradional bread crumbs and it always looks so good. I will definately have to fix this recipe!

  2. I am always looking for new ways to make pork chops. I wanna run out & buy them right now! And Scott would totally eat this...I'll have to double the recipe. This is going on the list for this weekend.

    I'll let you know how it turns out.


  3. i made this last night and it was DELICIOUS. your blog is really inspiring. i didn't realize i've been making the same 10 dishes for the last year until i saw how many OTHER things i could be making!

  4. That looks REALLY good. Thanks for sharing. Mom sent you a gift with Joey's palooza b-day pressie and she hopes you really like it. She's having a pampered chef party. I wonder what that means? TANNER I LOVE YOU!!!