Friday, March 7, 2008

Pizza with Trader Joe's Dough

I found this ready made pizza dough at one of my favorite stores, Trader Joes.

This is so convenient!

I picked up some pizza sauce at one of my other favorite stores, Fresh and Easy.

Gotta have your cheese!

And you guessed my topping, GARLIC!

This tupperware mat belonged to my Mom. I can remember making egg noodles for chicken soup with her all the time on this mat.

Get it covered with some flour, the dough is sticky!

I used my fingers to stretch the dough more than the rolling pin.

I put it down on my pizza stone (get one of these if you do not already have one!) and spread it out.

I put down some sauce, it ended up not being enough but live and learn!

glorious cheese!!

and I put down some fresh garlic on my half. The SO actually shared in this meal!

I baked it up and it came out nearly perfect!!

Yep, I eat my pizza with ranch dressing :) This is such a quick way to make a great weekday meal!

So here is the question of the day, Ranch with your pizza or no way??


  1. my friend chris and his girlfriend LOVE ranch dressing with their pizza. i think it's just okay. :]

  2. Fascinating! I would add black olives, pepperoni, and even more cheese on top of that. I like slab pizza so I should try this sometime. I've never had ranch dressing with my pizza; I love ranch dressing so it would probably be good, but it tends to disagree with my stomach which is not so good!

  3. Pizza and ranch are a must! Same with ranch and fries, ranch and salsa, ranch on salad, ranch with chicken strips... this could go on for awhile. I am going to go drool now.

  4. Pizza yes! Ranch no!
    The garlic pizza looked great.

  5. WAY! A huge WAY! Scott & I both do...I don't think that's a Western PA thing though. I just think it's a no brainer!


  6. No ranch for me!
    You have Sunshine, warm weather, AND Trader Joe's??? That's it! The whippets and I are coming and then your blog can be "Dining With This Strange Woman Who Won't Leave!"


  7. I work for f&e and while I can't speak for the entire company, I will say I love to read stuff like this. I have some suggestions: 1) if you feel you are overpriced EVER you should list the price vs. Trader Joes. We price index everything. This is not a guarantee our price will drop, but it is a guarantee that someone pays attentiont to it. 2) We like our customers to buy complete meals, so if there is a wine / salad combination to add to your pizza, I will explode if you write about it. Several of our wines just won awards at the San Francisco Chronicle and California State Fair Wine Competitions. These were not big awards, but in my mind - for the value - they were excellent.

    Any feedback as we are young...good or bad does get read.

    We want customers for life. And make sure you ask for a coupon when you shop. And for $.25 you can get a bag for life avoiding the plastic(or use a TJ's bag, I do when I shop there).

    excited that you are excited

  8. I love bleu cheese or cilantro dip with pizza

  9. Hi, Great blog, I really enjoy reading it! I was wondering what you think of Fresh & Easy? They are the first stores that Tesco (Biggest Supermarket chain in the U.K.) are opening here in the U.S.

  10. Kendra (hooman girl pup) says YES to ranch on pizza. SHE LOVES ranch. She even eats it on mac and cheese. She says you should try it that way.

  11. I am from around Chicago and everyone there eats their pizza with ranch dressing! Pizza with ranch, onion rings with ranch, mozzarella sticks with ranch, salad with ranch. Do you see a pattern here?