Thursday, March 6, 2008

Maple Pork Ribs done in the Slow Cooker

I love my crockpot and haven't used it in a while. A friend just got one so I thought I would try a few recipes to recommend to him. The crockpot aka slow cooker is a great way to get meals on the table during the week. You can prepare the stuff the night before, dump it in before you go to work and turn it on. When you get home your house smells glorious and you are ready to eat!

This serves two and its never a bad thing to have leftover pork! You can make sandwiches, quesadillas, and stir fries.

Get your boneless ribs and chop them up...

Get your olive oil going. You want this hot, you just want to brown the outside of the ribs.

in they go!

While those are browning, chop up your onion.

They are getting there...

I put my onions in a bag, as I was prepping all of this the night before.

Grab some maple syrup

And whatever mustard you have on hand. I finished off the last of this little guy.

mix them up

Cover it and pop it in the fridge.

Put the meat in a container, put it in the fridge, and go to bed and dream of pork ribs.

The next day get out all of your ingredients.

Pop them in the crock pot

and go to work!

When you get home your house is going to smell great and your dogs are going to be thoroughly upset with you for buying a pork scented air freshener. You just have to make a side dish and you are ready to eat.

Here is a big cheat that I use and I am sure I will be scorned by the food police for this one...

I use these instant potato packets. I KNOW, terrible and blasphemy and all that jazz. They cost a little over a dollar and all you do is add water. They are actually pretty darn tasty!

Open that crock pot up and marvel at the wonderful smell.

Your 2 minute mashed potatoes are ready as well.

I am serious, they taste good, yum.

Plate it up and enjoy the whole rest of your evening! The pork turned out great but the real star for me were the onions. They were sweet and absorbed a lot of the spicy mustard flavor. So good.


  1. I will be trying this dish soon!
    I have always loved my crock pot and really enjoy trying new dishes.

    -Amy, Mack's mom

  2. That looks sinfully good. And there isn't anything wrong with instant potatoes. Some of those are pretty good. My teenaged son eats those better than the real thing!

  3. I have totally used those mashed potatoes before and they ARE really good! I think B and I will have to get a crock pot fo' sho'.

  4. I use the crock pot 3-4 times a week. I will be making this soon. Our local market has pork tenderloin on sale this wee, so I will be trying those recipes also. I liked the look of the SO's taco dough.

  5. Oh...I am so envious. This looks fantastic.

  6. wow...that looks so good. i'll have to give it a try on a weekend. if you have any 10 - 12 hour recipes I'd love to hear em.

    ps...i found you through what_a_crock. ;)

  7. I love boneless ribs and make them in the slow cooker all the time. This is a must try recipe for me for sure.

    Oh & I use those instant potatoes too. Making mashed potatoes is a huge PITA. And I uses them to make a super creamy potato soup that is almost nonfat and you'd never miss the cream. If you like potato soup, email me & I'll give you the recipe. It has turkey kielbasa in it!!


  8. YOU WIN!

    i googled 'how to boneless pork ribs done' and this was my first answer. :)

    be proud.