Monday, August 18, 2008

Salmon with a Ginger Pineapple Salsa from the Taste Of Home Cookbook

I love salmon and I am really surprised at how few times I have posted it on here. I also love fruit salsas, so this is a wonderful recipe for me. This calls for pineapple but can also be done with mango and peaches.

This recipe comes from the Taste of Home cookbook.

Preheat your oven and lets gather up our ingredients.

I didn't have pineapple tidbits, so I used crushed pineapple.

Reserve the juice from the can.

If you are thinking, tomato with pineapple?? Trust me, it works and is delicious.

I also had an avocado and decided to throw that in as well.

You also need some fresh ginger. I love the smell of fresh ginger.

Dice up some jalapeno.

And a little bit of green onion.

I added just a little garlic also. You can use as much or as little garlic as you think you'd like. This was perfect for me but I love garlic if you are new to my blog. You want the garlic minced.

You also need some honey, crushed red peppers, sesame oil, and some cider vinegar.

Put all of that together in a bowl and toss it gently. Put the salsa in the fridge to get the flavors really combined.

Season your salmon and pop it in the oven for a few minutes. When it is done plate it up with your salsa.

The salsa is light and refreshing but has a little kick to it. I served this with a boneless pork chop the next day and it was wonderful.


  1. I bet I could grill the salmon on my Foreman, huh?

    This sounds really yummy! I don't think the small amount of honey will be too bad for me, either...

    Now I just have to get back to Midland and get some salmon! I wish I didn't have to drive 40 miles just to get fresh fish, argh!

  2. We eat salmon at least once a week. It's a great fish and easy too cook. This recipe looks yummy.

    noah willow tess lucy

  3. oh my gosh!! That's soo yummmo looking!! I love fish and Avacdo!! oh and I noticed you shop at a Korgar company? cool!! ME TOO!!

  4. yum - im sure the salsa would be great over chicken also...