Thursday, August 28, 2008

German Potato Salad

A large part of my family is German but I have never had German potato salad so I thought I would give it a try.

This recipe serves one! First thing you gotta do is get the potatoes in a pan of water and put it on high. Then we gather our ingredients.

2 yellow potatoes or red potatoes will work for this.

Slice them up, but not too thin, you don't want chips.

Dice up some onion, or use what you have already diced as I did. I tend to dice an onion on Sunday to use throughout the week.

Beef Broth

Celery Seed. This is one of my favorite spices.

Cider vinegar.

I pre-measure everything so it is ready to add once I start cooking.

After all of this prep your potatoes should be done.

drain the potatoes and set them aside.

Believe it or not only one burner of my stove works well, so I have to spread stuff out and it often takes longer to cook meals. If you have two working burners you can start your bacon while you are prepping.

Once the bacon is cooked, remove it and throw in your onions. Once those have softened it is time to add the flour.

Stir the flour amongst the onions. This will act as a thickener after you add the liquid.

Add in the broth and stir until it thickens.

Grab your bacon and potatoes and get those in the pan with the rest of your ingredients.

Give it all a stir to combine and you are ready to eat!

The Germans really know how to make a great salad. You want to serve this warm so it may not be the perfect summer salad, but fall is just around the corner!

I served it with a nice hot dog and it was the perfect lunch. The hubby tasted this and said that if it was just totally covered in bacon it would be a lot better. Ah well, at least he tasted it!


  1. It is really good cold also. I fell in love with german potato salad in germany. OF course there they just call it potato salad haha.

  2. Hi, saw the link to your blog from LJ. Like the above poster, I fell in love with German potato salad when I was in Germany for Oktoberfest last year. Thanks for the recipe!!


  3. Hi, Moco's mom told me about your blog. She said you have great recipes that are really easy as well.

    You certainly do! Hope I can pick up some cooking lessons here :-)

    This potato salad sounds really yummy.

  4. mmmm bacon and potatoes!?! I'm there! I'm surprised there was no mustard in it like American Potato Salad...

  5. I love German potato salad - warm or cold! I've never found a good recipe for it though. The best I've ever had acme from a can from Nobel/Sysco. Isn't that sad? I'm going to try your recipe.

  6. Another winner. Nice and easy too.


  7. I know you like Rachael Ray and I was reading this week that she is the highest earning celebrity chef in the world. Did you know that? I had no idea. I only know her because I have the Lifestyle Food channel but alot of Australians wouldn't even know her. We tend to get mainly the British celebs on free to air telly here.


  8. I have only tried german potato salad once, but I might have to try it again -- this looks really good!

  9. I jsut wanted to let you know that I finally tried this recipe last night and tonight I am coppying it on to a recipe card and it goes in the special recipe box. Not many make it into the box because I also have a picky husband. There was an accident with the vinegar bottle so it was a little strong and he still thought it was great!
    Thanks A BUNCH for sharing this one!