Saturday, August 2, 2008

Crispy Orange Vegetables with Tofu

I see from the comments people are still pretty set in their ways about tofu. I swear folks, it is GOOD. This recipe is one of the best tofu recipes I have made myself.

The first thing you want to do is get some water boiling to cook your spaghetti.

I am using the controversial whole wheat noodles that the pasta purists frown on.

I also did not have any celery so I used some yummy canned baby corn. The hubby had never seen such a thing and thought they were totally cute. Not cute enough to eat though.

chop up some broccoli

Peel an orange. I just used my regular vegetable peeler for this. You want to try to avoid peeling off the white part as that is bitter, just get the orange part.

You want to make a mix of corn starch and stock to thicken your sauce.

Chop up some green onion. I know this looks like a LOT but some was donated to the hubby's tacos.

chop up some red pepper.

grab your favorite soy sauce.

And some TOFU! I pressed this the same way we did in the
last tofu recipe. I cubed it up the same also, and poured on the soy sauce.

gently stir it around so the tofu is covered lightly in the sauce.

by now your pasta water should be boiling and you are ready to get cooking!

drop the orange peel in a wok with some oil and get it moving around.

drop in the tofu and the veggies and get to stirring.

keep it moving til the veggies are cooked to your liking.

drop in the stock and corn starch mixture and keep on stirring, the sauce is going to thicken noticeably. Get your noodles out of the water and plate them up after draining them.

Once the stock is reduced serve everything on top of your noodles.

This was even better than the last recipe I made. Having the tofu hang out in the soy sauce really made a difference. I hope you enjoyed these 2 tofu recipes, I will be back with some BEEF this week. Have a great one...


  1. hmm might have to try this without the noodles. I don't think I've ever actually had tofu. I can't believe he has never seen baby corn before. That man needs to widen his food horizons.

  2. Yay, more tofu!

    My girls always loooooooved baby corn, both pickled and plain.

    I'm always reminded of Tom Hanks in Big when he tries to eat the baby corn like regular corn-on-the-cob. Ha!

  3. Delicious! Your pics always make me hungry!

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog and recipes - it makes you laugh and hungry in the same time

  5. I love the orange peel in the recipe... what a delicious contrast to the soy sauce... looks great...