Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Korean Style Bulgogi

If you are sick of tofu and are asking Where's the Beef?? well it is right here and it is phenomenal! This Korean beef dish is delicious and so easy to make. Step one is preheat your grill or your broiler.

Now we will gather our ingredients...

You need some cornstarch for thickening. One thing about using cornstarch as a thickener that I may not have mentioned and just assumed folks knew is, you want to mix it with a liquid before adding it to your sauce. If you just add it in as a powder you end up with clumps of corn starch that do not combine nicely. If you mix it with water or stock first and create what is sometimes called a slurry, it incorporates into the sauce perfectly. Another tip is to only add it when the sauce is boiling.

Here are the ingredients for your sauce. The guy on the far left is called Sambal Oelek and I believe that roughly translates to F#$%ing Spicy. It is just chiles, so its a nice clean spicy flavor with no extra anything. And again, for my wimpy mouth, it is HOT! The rest of the lineup is Sesame Oil, Soy Sauce, Garlic, Ginger, Rice Vinegar and some sesame seeds.

You also need some brown sugar.

Toast yup your sesame seeds. Keep an eye on them because they will toast up FAST!

As soon as they begin to brown and you can smell the fragrance of the toasty goodness, get them off the heat.

Peel up some ginger and get it grated into a pan...

Smash up some garlic, peel it and get it minced and into the same pan.

Add in the brown sugar and then its time to add the wet stuff.

Get everything in there and give it a stir to combine.

keep on whisking while it heats up, when it is boiling add in your slurry.

When it is thickened, pop on the lid and let it hang out.

It is time for the beef! I had some beef usually packaged as 'stir fry beef' to use for this. This is as easy as it gets, just hit with some salt and pepper and grill it up.

It takes just a few minutes when the beef is cut so thin and small.

Toss it around in the sauce and you are ready to plate!!

You can serve this over rice or veggies or with a nice salad. You will want to make a lot of this because it is great reheated the next day in a stir fry. The heat of the sambal with the sweetness of the brown sugar and rice vinegar make for an amazing sauce that you will be craving shortly after you finish the last bite.


  1. Woo Hoo for meat!
    Woo Hoo for F#$%ing Spicy!

  2. Mmmmmmmm, I love bulgogi! If I use really lean beef and a Splenda brown sugar blend, I bet I can make this! :D

  3. YUM I'm going to give this a go.

    Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

  4. melt in your mouth. you really do post great 1 diner meals!