Sunday, January 6, 2008

Roasted Cornish Game Hen with Root Vegetables

A few folks have asked if the Serves One cookbook has nutritional information and unfortunately it does not. It is still a fabulous book and today's recipe comes from it! I am so glad everyone enjoyed the tuna salad with chickpeas. I got some questions about whether chickpeas and garbanzo beans are similar. They are the same thing!




Get your olive oil going with the salt, pepper and thyme.

Get your carrots chopped.

Your shallots quartered.

Your potatoes too...

Give them a nice rub down with the oil and seasoning and then get them in the pan. Once you are done with the veggies you can grab your little chicken. I know everybody knows the dangers of contamination with chicken so I am not going to go on and on, just keep your surfaces clean and wash your hands as soon as you are done handling the little bird.

Get your garlic, always more than the recipe calls for when I cook!

Crush it up using a press or your knife.

I see these little guys on sale at the store all the time but had never attempted to make one. I am telling you this was one of the easiest and tastiest things I have ever made and you can usually get one of these guys for around $3.

Get your bird in the pan and wash your hands!

Don't forget to stir your veggies around about halfway through.


This was easily 2 servings but it was so darn good I had no problem having this as leftovers the next day. This is a perfect winter dish and is SO easy! Enjoy!!!


  1. If stranded on a desert island and could have one food item continuously, it would be a roasted chicken. I am a roast chicken fiend. I never cook a whole chix if I don't have company, I never thought to do a game hen!!! and root vegis...luv'em!!! I've been inspired!!!

    michele ;)

  2. I could eat that without the carrots I hate cooked carrots. Like them raw though. Don't think I have ever eaten an garbanzo bean either so I will have to try them at least.

  3. About nutritional info for recipes...if the cookbook or website or wherever you get a recipe doesn't have it, you can always go to and work it out. They have a recipe analyzer where you can put in all the ingredients and it will spit out a nutritional chart for you. I don't know how accurate it is. It's a little bit fussy about how you put the ingredients in and it doesn't always recognize everything but it's handy for getting a general idea.

  4. Hi,
    I love roasted chicken, usually just roast it alone but next time will do ur way..i didnt know until i made a pork roast the other day and put carrots in there, that lacy loves carrots...had that dog for 14years and just now learning that out...


  5. This recipe sounds great!

    I have a question, though: I never eat chicken skin (it doesn't agree with me), so is it possible to roast without the skin?

    If not, will the taste be affected if I pull the skin off after cooking instead of eating it?

  6. i think i'm hooked. mine is in the oven right now and the house smells like delicious!

  7. I have my spices, chicken thighs and $2.99 bottle of wine. I am cooking the spicy thighs on Wednesday. I'll let you know how it goes. The only item that Pappy has cooked in 33 years is a Cornish game hen. He has cooked two of them by himself. I will have to try your recipe for him.

  8. OK, I've got my grocery list ready so I can buy ingredients & try some of your recipes. I've never cooked a cornish hen before, but I'll be doing that soon. And the tuna recipe looks wonderful, too. I've also never tried chick peas. This is going to be fun!