Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pasta with Smoked Salmon and Peas

This is quick and easy for a weeknight dinner!



Get your water boiling...

I use REAL butter. I don't use that plastic margarine junk.

Here is a handy tip: lay some shelf liner under your cutting board or mat and it won't slide around on you.

Finely chop your shallot.

Get your pasta in the boiling water. I use whole wheat pastas as they have a lot of fiber and protein.

I didn't have cream, but I had half and half!

I always have frozen peas and frozen corn in the house. I prefer frozen over canned as the veggies maintain their flavor much better.

I love smoked salmon. It adds a wonderful flavor to this dish so please try it if you haven't ever had it.

You can defrost your peas by running them under some warm water.

Onions in the pan enjoying a half and half bath.

Chop up your salmon...

Zesters are great little tools. They are inexpensive and easy to use and the results are worth it. The zest of the lemon has more flavor than the actual juice. As soon as you start zesting you will smell the oils and its amazing. Be careful to not zest too deep, you don't want any of the white part.


Throw everything in the pan and get your pasta drained. Don't forget to season your sauce with some salt and if you want some pepper. I am not a huge pepper person, but you gotta have some salt!

Pour yourself a nice glass of wine, you deserve it!

Obligatory close up shot...I threw some grated Romano cheese on top.

This was so easy and so delicious. I would make this without the half and half or cream as it was so flavorful with just the peas, butter, onion and salmon.


  1. Thank you for the tip on the whole wheat pasta; I was wondering if I should try that next! And I've never had smoked salmon before so I think that is another thing to put on my shopping list.

  2. this looks good. I have smoked salmon in my fridge. I will have to try this recipe. Oh whoever vix is I feel so sorry for you that you have never had smoked salmon. I think that is just wrong. Everyone should know the wonder of salmon. Smoked or not :)

  3. hi,
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  4. I'm just recently getting into salmon...I haven't had it smoked though. Is it real fishy? I'll bet I could dice up some ham & it would be just as yummy!


  5. I really love that you're posting these one-person meals. My daughter is moving into her first apartment this weekend, and she's always cooked for herself. These recipes will give her more options!

  6. Being a native of the Pacific Northwest smoked salmon is something I have eaten all my life. It can go with eggs to pizza. I have actually smoked my own fresh salmon. This looks like a very good recipe, but the best way to eat smoked salmon is alone.

  7. Just wanted to say I am loving your blog (Joe told me about it)! I am not much of a cooker, but in the past year I have been trying. You always make it look easy! And the step by step pictures are a huge help. I haven't tried anything yet, but I will be soon. I am making notes.

  8. I made the spiced chicken thighs w/ tomato broth tonight. I used black beans in place of chick peas. I used regular black olives. I simmered the thighs in the broth for about 20 mins. It was very flavorful. We had broccoli coleslaw as a side. The kitchen smelled great. I would cook this again and serve it to others. Thanks for the recipe.

  9. Personally, I think smoked salmon should be its own food group. It is one of my favorite things and I'm with Grammie...it goes with everything in my book! I will definitely try this.

    Oh, I made the cornish game hen last night and it was GREAT!!! I have to admit I did eat the whole thing tho'...it was that good. Only sub I did was rosemary instead of thyme...I had some fresh on hand and thought I would use it! Thanks for the recipe!


  10. We gave you an award! (The whippets said it was the salmon that did it for them!)