Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grilled Bison with Stir Fried Veggies

It is time to fire up your grill or grill pan again!

This meal is very simple and not from a cook book so you will just have to pay attention!

My local store carries fresh bison from time to time. I really like the flavor, especially of the ground bison meat.

I also like how good it is for you. I only eat red meat about once a month if that, so when I do this is a great alternative.

Get your grill preheating and grab yourself some garlic.

Use as much as you like, one clove or 4, it doesn't matter. Mince it up or run it through your garlic press.

Get some olive oil and butter going in a fry pan.

Add the garlic and give it a stir. You want the heat about medium.

I season the meat with just salt, pepper and garlic powder. If you have a favorite grill seasoning or seasoned salt, you can use that. I get the meat on the grill and close up the lid. Back to the side dish.

I had some broccoli and cauliflower kicking around so I tossed that in the pan with the garlic. I then added just a splash of white wine...

Putting the lid on lets the veggies steam in the wine until they are cooked however you like them. I like mine leaning toward mushy.

I cook my steaks VERY rare. I only ate about half of the steak so you will see in a later post containing the leftovers just how rare I like it. The food police will probably come and arrest me.

The bison does not taste gamey and it is only slightly tougher than a regular steak. I really recommend it if you can get some because it is such a nice alternative to beef.


  1. rare meat and mushy veg...interesting!!! I'll have to try bison...especially considering how good it seems for you as compared to other protein!

  2. Justen would eat his meat straight off the cow (or bison in this case) if he could. I like mine medium usually. Yuck on the veggies. I have a thing against most cooked veggies though.

  3. We went from 64 degrees to 25 degrees in two hours today, and we're going down to god-awful-teen tonight. No outside grilling for me. But we've got a grill pan for the cook top, and the veggies do look yum.
    I'm glad someone can grill.

    whining Patience

  4. I love Bison. Surprisingly, being in Oklahoma it's hard to find. Very few restaurants have Bison burgers, but in Michigan (where my in-laws are) you can find it everywhere.

    I need to make friends with a butcher. I bet it wouldn't be hard to find then.

  5. My husband hunts and we have venison in our freezer. I wonder if I could use this recipe with the venison?

    And by the way, my very favorite way of cooking chicken is to use the garlic mixture in your cornish hen recipe. It is the best!

  6. sorry, darn blogger, the way the posts are, I read the first ones first and work my way down the blog.

    So my earlier comment about bison makes no sense!

    You have explained it well, thank you. There is still no way I could buy any form of Bison here though.

    I do not like my meat cooked as rare as that, but hubby and the boys do. I am a medium rare kinda girl.

    I am really enjoying your recipes, they are full of fresh ideas, I get bored with the same old stuff sometimes.

    Thank you!

  7. In my new kitchen (well its over a year old now) I have a barbeque grill, it is electric with a tray which we fill with very small barbeque brickettes, minute ones the size of small soup croutons. There is a tray which you fill with water underneath. Then we can grill on the top of the stove, the meat becomes just like barbie meat.

    Trouble is I have learned to remove the brickettes when not in use, cos they tend to grow a mould - yuck!