Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Grilled Tuna Steaks with Cucumber Salad

This is where the recipe comes from! I have a lot of cook books so I thought I would start using something other than the Serves One book.

I cut the recipe in half.

This is another grilled item. I kind of felt bad grilling when most of the country was REALLY cold the past few days. But I will be out grilling when it is 113 degrees so it is all fair.

I got these lovely tuna steaks from Trader Joes.

Once again when making a marinade I don't dirty a bowl, I just use the bag that I will be marinating the steaks in.

All those guys in the bag!!

Mix it around with your hand and get the steaks in the bag. I put them in the fridge for 2 hours and then fired up my grill.

Here they are ready to get grillin!

I grilled them for about 12 minutes which was about 2 minutes too long so they were a tiny bit dry.


The cucumber salad is just sliced cukes and diced shallots with rice vinegar and some sesame oil. (if have time you can sprinkle the cukes with salt when you put the steaks in to marinate and an hour later take them out and rinse them. This draws some of the moisture out of them for more flavor. Dress the salad as you are about to serve)

So simple, healthy and low in fat!



  1. I will take a leisurely read of this yummy beast later on when I have my coffee, just wanted you to know on your recommendation I bought the Agave Organic Syrup (not sure if I spelt it right there).

    It is lovely, I have seen it in the shops before but had not realised it came from a plant.

    I wondered if you could tell me how much you paid for your syrup (in US dollars of course!), its just that prices here in the UK for groceries are sky high compared to Europe.

    Our inflation (so our Prime Minister says - I hate him so dont believe a word he says.....) he reckons its low, but food prices have risen terribly in the past 6 months.

    I paid £2.54 for the syrup, not sure what that is in dollars, but my hubby will convert any figures for me. It is the same price as buying Maple Syrup over here.

    Love and light, Jeannie xxxx

  2. We eat tuna steaks a lot but have never marinated them before! We'll be trying this one out! Thanks!

  3. I had a bad experience cooking tuna when I was younger & I've never been able to make it at home. I may try that marinade with swordfish though.

    Looks so yummy...I'm terrible about presentation!


  4. This dish looks yummy. Is someone sitting on the sofa in the backgound waiting for you to drop morsels. I am going to try the pork tenderloin today. It's 27 degrees here so I am going to use the George Foreman to grill on.

  5. have just now had time to read the recipe....I may try it.

    Have a kinda thing about fresh tuna....it is not too fresh here in the Uk being air freighted and stuff, its ok and fresh when we buy it, but my issue with all fresh fish in Scotland is.....why is all our beautiful fresh sea fish and shell fish, the most beautiful in the world, fished and then taken by container lorries into Europe.

    Most of the UK are rubbish fish eaters and prefer to eat frozen breadcrumbed stuff rather than what is on their coastline. It is a crime.

    But this looks lovely and I will take your tip about not over cookin g the tune.

    Thank you for this blog, it is re energising me.

    I may try cooking the scallop (frozen!) as its from Scotland, recipe tomorrow.

    Jeannie xxxx

  6. I bought the Agave Nectar here in the US at a more high-end grocery store and paid around $4-$5USD, if that helps...

  7. Did you cook the tuna steaks all the way through? I know tuna is supposed to be rare, but I can't stand it that way (I'm weird about any kind of meat, don't know why). I LOVE a well-done tuna steak but I can't get a restaurant to make it for me that way (though we do have a restaurant here where you cook your own meat on this really hot piece of granite and I always get tuna). I didn't realize it could be so inexpensive so I am definitely going to try this out in the spring time. Maybe even this weekend, as it is a balmy 20 degrees).