Thursday, April 25, 2013

Favorite Things #51 - Horseradish

One of the blogs I read often is My Bizzy Kitchen and today she had a lot of horseradish going on in her post. I love horseradish and have since I can remember. Recently I discovered that my favorite chip company from back East, Herr's, can now be found in AZ. I seriously had a moment in the grocery store when I saw them and may have squealed a little.

Steve wants to make Herr's His
Of course I snagged this flavor, sorry for the blur but I wanted to include my little stalker in the background. Here is the amazing part, Tom tried these and he LOVED them. I always knew he would like horseradish if he would just try it and these chips were the perfect vehicle.

Are you a fan of horseradish, if so what is your favorite way to eat it?


  1. I fell in love with horseradish mashed
    potatoes. I will have to see if I can find that bag of Chips.

  2. I love the heat of horseradish! Never seen it on chips before but whoa. need.

  3. I have never tried horseradish before but would definitely like to :D


  4. I know I would love those chips! Wish I could find them here. That is funny that Tom liked them so much. I don't know if John would even try!

  5. I do like horseradish. I like to add to to dips and I like it on sandwiches. I am glad that Tom liked it too.
    Your little dog is adorable.
    Have a beautiful weekend. Blessings dearest. Catherine xo

  6. I love horseradish! And your little furry friend is too cute! I hope he makes appearances in more posts :)

  7. Sorry, but I am not a big fan of horseradish. I do like it in a cocktail sauce for shrimp, but that's about as far as it goes.

  8. Now that sounds like a yumtastic flavor! I love horseradish too! Glad you found a way to get Tom to try it-yay! And you have the cutest fur babies ever.

  9. I do not like horseradish but I actually like these chips. I bought them for Justen and found they are pretty good.