Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blog Anniversary!

It has been a while since I posted and I have been doing some thinking about the blog. I still love posting the recipes and all the great feedback I get, but I have been pondering doing more posts about ME. How totally self indulgent right? I just realized that the blogs I love often tell a lot about the person behind the recipes. So I thought I might give that a try as I celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the blog.

Off to see Wicked!
This is the picky eater, Tom and me, Rhonda. We have been together for almost ten years and married for almost 2.

hoodie dogs
These are our 2 little monster dogs, Joey and Tanner. You might see them poking their heads into some photos on the blog every now and again. They are always in the kitchen just waiting for something to fall.

Don't worry I will still be posting lots of recipes, but I will also be posting about some of my vintage collectible habits and my Pyrex addiction.

I won't leave you without some food, here is a pic of some pierogies I had yesterday. I am originally from Western PA and found a place here in AZ that serves them fresh and homemade. Delicious!

Happy New Year to you all, and please let me know what you think about this change to the blog!


  1. Nice! Its cool to put a face with a Blog!

    Happy New Years Rhonda

  2. ah I want to have a pyrex addiction but I can never find any anywhere. So I will live through yours.

  3. I love the idea. It would be fun to learn about you as long as you keep feeding us, too. :)

  4. Great idea, we love learning about the people behind the blog (and behind the dog blog:) I wish I had kept my mother's old Pyrex and would have sent it all to you.

    Hope you have a wonderful new year.

  5. I love to live vicariously thru your pyrex addiction - LOL. Looking forward to the change!!! Happy New Year!


  6. YES to all of the above!

    Happy New Year to the patient mom to THOSE three special males!

    Khyra's Mom

  7. I enjoy cooking your recipes and it's nice to see the faces behind the wonderful food and stories. Wishing you a wonderful new year with lots of great food and more great recipies! :)

  8. How nice to put faces with the names! Thanks to your obsession with old Pyrex, I started collecting and using the smaller sizes. They work great in my Farmer/Factory-worker's lunch box.

    Is it absolutely horrible to say that you are so much younger than I imagined? I guess I could say you have a mature writing and eating style. **grin**

  9. Happy New Year, Rhonda!
    Yes!! I want to read more about you, Tom and your 2 cute dogs. Write more write more.... ^^

  10. Happy New Year! Glad you are keeping it up, and it will be fun to get to know more about you.
    I collect pyrex too, and love vintage stuff, so I'm looking forward to future posts!

  11. Yeah! I love the new idea!!!!

  12. The crazy old bat also has several pieces of pyrex. Nothing better when cooking. Maybe she will leave it to Peanut's mom when she goes to the Bridge. Love the new idea.

  13. It sounds great for me, but more importantly, its gotta be fun for you. Its an extra job for you, and while I thought dog blogging would be just fun, sometimes its work! So do what seems like more fun and toss in eats now and then.

    Cheers and hugs,
    Jo and Stella

  14. Of course being regulars over at Joe Stain's blog we knew who we were watching cook but this is a cool spin for those who didn't! I will really enjoy seeing and hearing about your Pyrex collection too:)
    (Mom to Two Wild 'N Crazy Guyz)

  15. I feel completely brain-dead for not realizing that you were Joey & Tanner's mom! Duh!! :)

  16. yes, they look like the real deal!
    your pal,Morgan

  17. Happy new year! And blogoversary ;)

    I think a personal touch sounds great! It's one of things that can make you read a blog rather than just surfing through looking for spesific recipes.


  18. Really think it's inhumane to not drop more full chicken legs onto the floor for the canines in the household on a regular basis. I mean, they do provide so much moral support for all your blogging activity so it isn't THAT much to ask, is it? Shame on you!

    the preceding message paid for by Stains For Droppings(tm)

  19. I'm still going through my queue on Google Reader and just got to this post.

    I like the pyrex