Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chicken Jalfrezi

I like to buy rotisserie chickens from time to time if I am short on time or if I just get a craving for it. This recipe uses some of the leftover chicken to create a tasty Indian dish called Chicken Jalfrezi.

I got this chicken at a warehouse store and it is one of my favorites. The seasonings are strong and all of the meat is juicy and well flavored.

Strip off about a cup of meat. The recipe says to cook the chicken first, but if you are using precooked just skip that step.

gather your other ingredients to have them ready to add.

coriander, which I just crush up using the bottom of a glass or the bottom of the spice jar.

crushed coriander

Chili Powder, turmeric root, and cumin. I always pre-measure my spices into my hand before adding but be warned the turmeric will stain you skin if you don't rinse it off rather quickly.

Grab some garlic paste, powder or fresh, just make sure you have it in there somehow, your taste buds will thank you.

get the ginger or ginger powder. I love fresh ginger and I have said before it is easy to store in your freezer and use as you need it.

I didn't have fresh green chiles but I always keep some of these canned guys around.

Now that we have everything gathered together we can cook. Get some shallots, or onion if you don't have shallots around. Dice them up and grab some oil.

Get them in the wok with the oil.

After about 5 minutes add in your garlic and ginger.

While the onions cook get your green pepper.

Give it a rough chop and get it in the wok with your onions after they have been cooking for a few minutes.

Now that they have been cooking its time to get the tomatoes, chiles, and spices in the wok as well.

Bring this to a boil.

Once it is boiling drop in your chicken and give it a stir. Let this cook for ten minutes for the flavors to combine.

While this cooks you can prepare some rice or noodles to put the chicken over.

I have become a huge fan of these Fresh and Easy rice bowls. You microwave them for 90 seconds and they are done! This is the perfect single serving size with just a little leftover for my dogs.

I also opened some wine to serve with this meal. Even if you are eating alone you can make it special with a nice glass of wine or a nice cloth napkin, you deserve it!

This was delicious and a different flavor than anything I have had before. It is not too spicy and you can add or leave out the green chiles to your desired heat level. Just taste as you go so you don't make it too hot. I hope I am giving you ideas for dishes you may not have considered before and bringing a little bit of variety to your dinner table!

Have a great week!


  1. That looks interesting indeed, though I wonder if I'd be reaching for the tissues based on the heat of the dish.

    Speaking of dishes, it's occurred to me that I need to start eating my dinners on much smaller plates. If I use the regular dinner plates, I feel like I need to cover the plate with food or else I'll end up hungry. When I use the smaller side-dish plates, I find I eat a lot less that way.

  2. Oh.. That looks yummy! I'll have to try that ;) I'll just have to substitute the peppers with some other vege I eat and that shouldn't be a problem at all! :D


  3. What a festive plate, and a pretty dish!