Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beef Madras

I have been really into Indian and Thai food lately, so I have been doing some experimenting. This beef dish is spicy but the coconut milk mellows it out, I really recommend it since stew beef is a very reasonably priced red meat.

Lets get our ingredients together!

You will need some beef broth and some coconut milk, get those and put them aside for later.

I had some random onion parts in the fridge

Dice them up

Coriander, I crush it up using the jar it is stored in.

One dried red chile

Ground ginger

yellow mustard seeds

Turmeric root

I have white pepper, if you don't you can use regular black pepper

put all the spices in a bowl

Add some coconut milk, this is canned unsweetened coconut milk that you can probably find these days in most grocery stores.

make a spicy paste by mixing it up

get some garlic and mince it up

and grab some oil. I like to use peanut oil when I am making Asian and Indian food.

get the oil in a dutch oven or a large pan

Drop in the onions and garlic and get them cooking

while that cooks, grab your beef and season it with salt and pepper

mm the garlic and onion is smelling delicious

add in the spice paste we made and take a good sniffy sniff, it smells AMAZING!

add in your beef

get your beef broth in and give it a stir

cover it and let it simmer on low for about an hour and a half. Go read a book!

After it has cooked and your beef is nice and tender pour in the coconut milk.

give it a stir and let it simmer and reduce down.

I served this over delicious and nutty brown rice. You could also serve it over egg noodles.

This is spicy and so rich. The coconut milk gives such a unique flavor, but don't worry it is NOT sweet. The coconut milk is unsweetened so it just brings a rich and special flavor to this easy dish.


  1. I am nuts about coconut milk because there is a peanut sauce I love that uses it extensively... but it's so fatty, that's the only bad thing. :( It looked glorious in the enameled pot and I have been nuts for egg noodles since you started using them so much!

  2. That looks amazing! I definitely need to try this one!

  3. I just got some reduced stew meat. I will be trying this one. Had the deviled chicken thighs last week. They were very tasty even when I messed up the recipe.