Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Posole Presto

Posole or Pozole is a soup made from pork and hominy. This recipe lets you make the traditional recipe on a much smaller scale.

I used a regular boneless pork chop.

I rarely cook with zucchini, but I am really becoming a fan of it. The dogs like it too!

The hominy. This stuff is tasty and filling.

The dried peppers. These are not ancho chilis but they will do.

Soak them up in some boiling water. I am pretty sure they will taste better if you use a cute vintage pyrex dish.

Put the lid on

and give your hominy a nice rinse.

Chop up some shallot

the zucchini

delicious raw or cooked!

chop up your pork and then we begin to put this all together!

put half of the hominy in your food processor with the chilis and one cup of the hot water the chilis have been soaking in. The blade on my food processor is permanently stained from too many batches of a delicious mustard pretzel dip that I love. I will share the recipe on here soon!

give it a whirl until it is combined, but leave some chunks.

Now get your pork and shallot cooking over medium heat.

Add in the mixture from the food processor.

At this point I added some cumin because I love it and I thought the smoky flavor would add something to this.

pop the lid on and let it simmer for about 15 minutes

After the 15 minutes I added in some dried ancho chili powder, this has an almost sweet taste to it, but it is still hot!

Add in the rest of the hominy

toss in your zucchini now also. The recipe said to add water to cover, but I had some leftover chicken broth so I used that instead.

partially cover it and cook over low heat until the zucchini is tender, about 15 minutes.

Almost done!

and ready to eat. serve it with a nice glass of water or iced tea because those chilis have a kick!



  1. Oh this is another fantastic find! Something totally new to my palate (sp?) but most appealing and intriguing. I thought I had a fairly broad range, but this is new and fun.
    I keep thanking you, but you keep earning my gratitude! (And Bill's, too!)
    This is really cool-

  2. This is intriguing as hell. Is hominy a derivative of corn?