Friday, April 11, 2008

Hot Tomato Raita

This recipe is from my Asian Cookbook. It is for a Hot Tomato Raita. Typically Raitas are yogurt based with cucumber and/or onion. This is a fun variation that still has yogurt but also has tomatoes and onion. This is a nice dip and I later used some of the leftover as pizza sauce on a tortilla pizza. So lets get on with it!

Because this recipe moves quickly do the prep work before you actually start cooking anything.

Grab your tomatoes

The spices and peppers

Your shallot

Your ginger, which you can store in the freezer.

mince your garlic and grate your ginger and set it aside.

Slice up your shallots.

Dice your tomatoes

and get your spices measured out. This is the chiles, turmeric, curry and coriander.

Now that you have everything prepped, you can get your heat going on your pan with the oil.

Toss in the mustard seeds and keep them moving until they start to dance around in the pan.

drop in the shallots and stir them around.

They will brown up and then you want to add your dry spice mixture.

At this point, the smells in this pan will explode.

I didn't have fresh peppers so I used these from the fridge.

I put those in the pan with the tomatoes and tomato paste and gave it a stir.

While this simmers for 10 minutes, grab some pitas. I store these in the freezer also.

Pop them in your toaster oven or into the oven directly on the rack at about 450 degrees. get them toasted to your liking.

after the ten minutes pull the raita off the heat and slowly stir in the yogurt

the yogurt will calm some of the heat from the chiles and adds a great creaminess to the dip.

Serve it up with your toasted pitas and enjoy.

I told the SO this was like an Asian salsa and he tried it and LIKED it! I was impressed.

Have a great weekend guys! Thanks again for spending some time with me today and I hope you are all still cooking!

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  1. Did you know that Penzeys Spices is based in my hometown in Wisconsin? Small world! This looks intriguing too...