Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Balsamic Skirt Steak with Polenta and Roasted Tomatoes

Some people were SURE that the SO ate the mini meatloaf meal, but nope, he wouldn't even try it. I am sure a lot of people think, how do you put up with that?! But other than the food nonsense, he really is a wonderful guy so I don't push it. I have been with him for almost 8 years and I realized several years ago this was just one thing he would not budge on.

I promised a little more beef action this week, so here we go! Bring on the red meat!

I cut this recipe in half.

this also came from the Everyday Food magazine.

Get your water boiling for your polenta first!

I assembled my ingredients. I love grape tomatoes, they are flavorful year round.

Green onions

I chopped them into white and green parts.

keep them separated.

Toss the tomatoes with olive oil, salt, pepper and the white parts of the green onion on a baking sheet lined with foil. I loaded that in the toaster oven that was preheated.

My water is boiling so time to grab the corn meal to make the polenta.

stir it into the boiling water

Now that this is going, grab your steak.

I have never worked with skirt steak before and I was unsure of how tough it was going to be. I shouldn't have worried, it was not tough at all and turned out moist and delicious. I will definitely be buying this cut more often. I totally missed photographing the meat while it was cooking!

Get your meat out of the pan and pour in the balsamic vinegar.

Let your meat rest, covering it with foil is a good idea to keep it warm.

your polenta should be thickening nicely, keep stirring it!

Here is my first failure so far, I totally burned the balsamic vinegar! It looks ok here, but in a few moments it turned into a sticky napalm like substance. FAIL! Back to the polenta...

Toss in the butter

stir in your parmesan cheese and let that hang out.

grab your veggies out of the oven and slice up your steak. since I burned the balsamic reduction I just poured a little of the vinegar straight from the bottle on to the steak.

This was very good. The roasted onions were one of my favorite things on the plate. Don't get me wrong the steak was outstanding, but I love roasted veggies. The polenta was creamy and delicious.


  1. You should be in the restaurant business!

  2. This looks delicious. I am going to have to put together a binder for all your recipes. I am sure that your SO will not change as to his food preferences, but how can you not love a man with all those great tats.

  3. Oh my lord in heaven that looks good...


  4. So can you make solid polenta out of that stuff too? Just refrigerate it and you're good to go?

    Whatever happened to the green parts of the onion?

    The skirt steak looks delectable!