Thursday, February 14, 2008

Grilled Bison Burgers

Since today is Valentine's Day I thought I would share a meal that my SO actually ate with me. I grilled some bison burgers with some delicious and healthy ground bison.

I am very simple with my burgers. Chopped Red Onion, Worcestershire sauce and seasoned salt.

Get it in a bowl and mix it all up.

Make your patties however you like them and grill them up for about 10-12 minutes depending on how rare you prefer them to be.

I served with a side of rice and cheesy cauliflower. Curious as to what the SO's plate looked like...?

Yes, he likes pickles :)

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you out there!!!


  1. That is probably as many pickles as I eat on a burger. I have never seen anyone else use as many as I do until now.

    Marilyn AKA Grammie

  2. I love pickles but even that's a little much for me! I bought 5 lbs of bison for Scott and he actually didn't like it...which is strange b/c he has no issues with meat. That's my department.

    Nothing says lovin' like a tasty burger though!!


  3. I can hardly see his burger for all his pickles, but yours looks like it overflows the bun! I have to say your dish is more appetizing. I do love me some bread-n-butter pickles, though.

    Has he ever seen the YouTube video of the girl who says her fear of pickles is ruining her life?

  4. oh haha I was so going to say that looks like a burger my mom would eat. When I worked at Dairy queen she would come in and order a burger with extra extra extra extra extra pickles and my coworkers would ask if it was for my mom and then just put pickles in a container and give them to her.
    I think they both should just eat pickles and forget the meat.