Monday, February 11, 2008

Chicken with Cashew Sauce and Smashed Potatoes

Today's sauce comes from the book 400 Sauces. I really like this collection of recipes. I needed a sauce to use on my leftover chicken breasts, so I pulled this book out.

I just made the sauce and disregarded the rest of the recipe.

I always have tomato paste in my freezer. Each individual frozen pellet is 1 tablespoon.

I have never cooked with this spice mixture before, but I have read about it in a lot of recipes. It is very good!

The spices really come together with a unique flavor.

If you are interested in nice high quality spices, check out Penzey's. I am lucky enough to have a location near my home. Request their catalog, even if you don't buy anything you will learn something!


Chili Powder


Garam Masala

shallots and garlic are waiting in the mini chopper...everyone went in for a spin!

I transferred the mixture to the sauce pan that I used to cook the giblets for my dog. Feel free to say ewwwwe here, but I think it added a nice flavor.

To go with the chicken I am making Smashed Potatoes. After I got the sauce mixture in the pan I just let it hang out until my water was boiling for the potatoes.

I am sure regular milk would work fine also, but man did this stuff make a difference.

Don't worry, I made this dish a while ago, before the onions expired.

I diced up the whole package since the SO likes to use it on his tacos and nachos that he eats once a week.

Once the potatoes were nearly done I heated the sauce for a minute and then just layered the leftover chicken breast over the sauce and dropped the heat low. I put the lid on the pan just to let the chicken heat through.

Smash up those potatoes!

Once the cream was added they looked heavenly.

I ended up with leftovers of the cashew sauce and ate that on some pasta the next night.

Simple and delicious!


  1. Now this is my kinda meal. That sauce sounds really good...I think Scott would even eat it.


  2. I have to get that book! This looks awesome but oh so spicy. Also, is there any way to preserve green onions for longer than just a few days? Can they be frozen?

  3. Oh the potatoes look great. I am addicted to potatoes. :)