Saturday, February 9, 2008

Leftovers become chicken salad and more to come...

After I ate the chicken for dinner I tore it apart. This process grosses the SO out to no end but I enjoy finding every last bit of meat.

I will be doing more with the breasts in an upcoming post. For now I am concentrating on the rest of the meat I picked off the bones.

This is one of my recipes so I am guessing on quantities here. I think I had about a cup of chicken, maybe a bit more.

Half a shallot, which I diced up.

Cashews, about 1/3 of a cup, I just ran my knife through them.

Into a bowl they went.

I like celery seed in my chicken salad if I don't actually have any celery on hand. Just a sprinkle will do.

Use as much or as little mayo as you like.

Mix it all up.

Add whatever other veggies you like on your sandwiches and serve it up!

I had this with some chips and salsa.

Delicious and easy.


  1. Where's the garlic. Garlic powder works well in chicken salad. I can't find that vegi mayo anywhere.

  2. Cashews + anything = YUMM!!! But I've never used them in a chicken salad, once again THANKS!


  3. Ahh, chicken salad sandwiches, one of my faves. I always use actual celery for the crunch and I toss in a little sugar too. Never tried it with cashews but I will do so. Also, some sliced red grapes in there add an interesting sweet flavour in lieu of sugar, I imagine. I've had it in other establishments' chicken salads but never tried it on my own. I also tried one of those "chicken salad mix" packets once and it was AWFUL!

  4. I just finished breakfast and all I want to do is fixe myself a chicken sandwich.