Monday, May 12, 2008

Buttermilk Chicken with Sesame Lime Rice from Everyday Food

I told you I would provide some more recipes to use up that buttermilk from the chicken tenders recipe, so I am making Buttermilk Chicken with some of the leftover Lime Rice.

I just used Panko crumbs instead of making my own breadcrumbs.

the ingredients! preheat your oven while gathering your ingredients.

breadcrumbs, cheese, thyme and salt and pepper

the buttermilk and some of the Frank's Red Hot you might have leftover from the Buffalo chicken tenders

add the red hot to the buttermilk

give it a stir to combine.

spray a baking sheet with some oil

I love chicken thighs, you have probably realized this by now.

dip them in the buttermilk and then coat them with the breadcrumbs.

throw them on the baking sheet and bake them for about 30-35 minutes.

yum yum YUM!

The coating crisped up so nice and the chicken stayed very moist. I served it with the extra lime rice I made.

More uses for the buttermilk in the next post!


  1. I have never bought buttermilk! Very hard to believe. Scott would go nuts for those chicken tenders.


  2. Oh That looks good. Don't know if the kids would eat it with the hot sauce in it though. Can you put up some recipes for the extra half and half I have left over from the tomato soup? :)

  3. That looks so delicious! Congratulations on your up and coming wedding!

  4. that looks good! i like the way how you show us ways to cook with using the same kind of ingredient like in this case buttermilk.

    i always have this problem that my things will go bad before i ever used it again.

    Boy & Baby's mom

  5. Awesome, I have buttermilk from my smitten kitchen recipe for muffins, leftover chicken tits (frozen), TH will have thighs and I have tons of rice.

    I heart you DulaMae for all these recipes.

    nm and ernesto

  6. Okay, I tried this last night only using regular milk (no hot sauce) and some chicken tenders, which I believe was too small of a piece of chicken because it was pretty dry on the inside. Interesting flavour from the panko and the parmesan, though! I will try it again sometime with a larger piece of chicken and actual buttermilk, which may make a difference. Hmm.