Thursday, May 1, 2008

BBQ Beef Sandwiches with Vegetables

This is a FAST steak sandwich recipe that doesn't really need much instruction. You can whip this up on a weekday in no time! The steak sandwich has some slaw on the top. The crunch really adds a unique flavor and texture to the sandwich.

Here are your wet ingredients. Any old BBQ sauce will do.

You can use regular cole slaw mix or this broccoli slaw mix if you prefer.

I like this because my stomach can't take too much cabbage.

Add the dressing, which is just some honey mustard, some cider vinegar and some oil. I also made a side dish using the same dressing and adding some golden raisins. YUM.

Grab your steak, this is a cut of sirloin.

Slice it up.

give it a quick cooking session in some oil

remove it when it is done enough for your liking and drain off the oil.

put it back in the pan with some BBQ sauce and you are ready to plate!

Heap the slaw on top of the BBQ beef and you are done!

I served this with some frozen veggies I zapped in the microwave with a bit of walnut oil and salt.

Fast, filling and oh so good.

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  1. Look so good.. I personally love beef and will definitely try this recipe.