Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Waffle from Top Chef The Cookbook

I have been a fan of Top Chef since the first season, so when I saw they had a cookbook out I had to buy it.

The cover of the book is actually apron material and the whole cook book is great. There is behind the scenes show info and lots of interesting things about the chefs. I found this recipe and thought it looked great. I am a big fan of sweet with savory, so this caught my eye right away.

This is very easy to make. Lets grab the ingredients.

ham and cheese

refried beans



maple syrup, this part might throw some people off but it really adds something to the meal.

dish out some beans and add some oil and water

you want to make a spreadable paste.

now get some butter in a pan and get it hot

and throw your waffle in the toaster

drop the egg in and season with some salt and pepper

grab your waffle and spread the bean mixture on it

drizzle some of the maple syrup on the beans...trust me, its GOOD.

layer on the cheese

drop on the ham

and broil it until the cheese is melted and the ham crisps up a bit

put the egg on the top and sprinkle with some parsley.

This is so easy and SO delicious!

I ended up eating this three days in a row it was that good. Thank you Top Chef cookbook!


  1. Ok, I'll admit...when I saw the recipe, I thought it looked totally bizarre (and kinda gross). But the picture of your finished product just might have convinced me!!! It looks amazing. I may actually have to give it a try.

    Go Pens!

    Jen (I was a Paul Coffey girl back in the day)

  2. You know, that seems a little different, but it looks awesome! I love refried beans for breakfast but never thought of putting them on a waffle. May have to give that one a try! Bet that is a really cool cookbook. We enjoy that show.

  3. Oh I remember this episode! Elia made this! I'd eat ANYTHING she makes so I'll definitely try this! I gotta get this cookbook.

  4. I wonder if it would taste good with two pancakes (as buns of a sort) instead of the waffle?

  5. I am so going to try this now that TH is out of town. I have banana waffles though.
    You think that will work?

  6. I think the bf might actually like this considering the beans have protein (he's crazy). Anyway, I so want to get that cookbook now. Been a fan since season one, too. Who do you like this go-round?

  7. Oh wow I remember thinking this sounded delicious. Looks great too!