Friday, January 2, 2009

The winner is...

I assigned numbers to each comment for those who wanted to be entered and asked the hubby to pick a number. The winner was...Lynn, who said her favorite thing to eat when she is alone is Cheese and Crackers! Lynn, please email me at diningaloneblog @ with your address, Congrats!!!

Thank you all for your comments I had a great time reading about what you guys like to eat when you are alone. I have so much fun doing this blog and I am glad you all seem to enjoy it.

Tomorrow I will get back to the usual format with a new recipe, but today I thought I'd share a couple of things I got for Christmas that I am sure you will see on the blog soon!!

These fabulous little 'Y' peelers. These are cheap and work SO well.

This GORGEOUS Staub Saucier.

It is enameled cast iron and so beautiful. The hubby may not eat my food, but he sure spoils me with the cooking gear.

My brother got me this great magnetic trivet, what a wonderful idea this thing is!

A 1.5 quart crock pot from the in laws will be very useful for those solo meals.

A meat thermometer, this is a must have if you like to grill or roast. No more opening and closing the oven or grill to get a temperature.

Finally, I gotta admit to a little addiction... I have started collecting vintage Pyrex.

Some of it I will not use as I don't want to ruin it, but I will use a lot of it. It is so durable and versatile, so I don't feel so bad with my little addiction, at least it useful!

Yep, I have a problem!

Congrats again to Lynn and I will be back tomorrow with a new recipe for 2009!


  1. A nice stash of stuff!

    My mom has some of those kind of Pyrex pieces here -

    Khongrats to the winner - cheese&khrakhers are good IF they are served with AGJ!


  2. i collect vintage pyrex, too! it's a blast.

  3. I'm jealous of all the stuff you got for Christmas and I love your Pyrex dishes. I asked for a crock pot for Christmas but didn't get one :(. I will have to buy it myself!

  4. I loved seeing your Christmas presents, gave me some new ideas for myself.

    Congrats to Lynn.

  5. I collect vintage pyrex too. I always use mine. I take a risk of breaking some but I never have. I love using them and seeing them at the table with food in them.


  6. Oh I love your presents! Congrats to Lynn. And those peelers look cool!

  7. Awesome Pyrex! I am eager to get my mitts on some Corningware that my mom is setting aside for me -- that stuff can go into the oven and everything, or stovetop too if you have the fancy handles for it (found 'em on eBay). Woo!

  8. Oh Staub how fantastic. I got a 3qt. enameled dutch oven by Cuisinart. I would however love to nab this piece...


    lovely pieces.