Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oven Crisp Asparagus Rolls

I found this recipe in a vegetarian cookbook I have and thought it looked fun. It is also a great way to use up less than fresh bread. Preheat the oven to 375 and lets gather up some ingredients.

You need some asparagus and some bread, I am using my husband's plain old white bread. I call it 'kid' bread.

Some lemon, dijon mustard and butter. Now lets start prepping!

Trim the woody ends off of the asparagus. If you are working with just a few you can just snap the ends off. If you are not familiar with that, this video will show you how.

Boil the asparagus in a little bit of water for a few minutes to get it cooked.

While those cook, zest the lemon.

Then finish the bread coating by adding in the dijon and butter.

Get the asparagus out of the hot water and into some ice water to stop the cooking.

Cut the crusts off your bread, feed them to your dogs, if you've got any. Spread the bread with the mustard mixture.

Lay the asparagus on the bread and roll it up. Put it seam side down on a cookie sheet and brush it with butter. Mine were kind of soaked in butter, not saying that is a bad thing. Pop them in the preheated oven for 12-15 minutes.

Get them out when they look nice and toasty.

If I had some bigger asparagus, this would have been better, next time I will stick 2 stalks in each wrap. The flavor was great and definitely something different to try other than the same old vegetable side dish.


  1. that looks delicious. so simple, but i would have never thought of it. yum.

  2. I love asparagus.
    I love bread.
    This recipe is perfect!

  3. I just heard a show on NPR about how much $ and energy would be saved if we all cut out one meat meal per week. How timely of you!

  4. That is looking yummy as do all the other dishes that you post about.

  5. another yummy recipe. Thanks! Am having a friend over next week so may use a variation on the bread.

    Kathy & Kodak

  6. We always called it "Balloon Bread" all full of air!

    The recipe looks great and I will shop for some asparagus tomorrow. I use low carb bread so it would be a good thing for me.

    Jo (Not Stella)

  7. Oh Lord, this is and insult to asparagus.