Friday, January 30, 2009

No Cook Thai Beef Salad

After the Super Bowl tomorrow you may be feeling like your pants don't fit quite as well as they used to. I thought a good salad recipe might be just what you are looking for.

This is really simple but really tasty. Lets go find our ingredients...

Lettuce, sugar, fish sauce, lime juice, shallot, roast beef and cucumber. If you have never had fish sauce, it is really great and you should definitely give it a try. Think of it kind of like a milder and sweeter worchestershire sauce with a bit more fish flavor. I just love it.

Zest the lime, be careful to only use the green part of the skin, you don't want the white part as it is bitter.

Add the fish sauce and lime juice to the lime zest. Add in the sugar as well and stir until the sugar dissolves.

Cut up your cucumber.

Slice up some shallot or red onion.

They look so nice together, don't they?

Add in the lettuce as well.

Slice up the roast beef.

Add it to the salad party as well. Pour on the dressing and give it a toss. The recipe calls for cilantro too, but I gotta admit I do not like cilantro. They say you either love it or you hate it, I am one of the haters!

But the salad was delicious without it. I definitely recommend this if you are feeling a little guilty after Super Bowl Sunday!


  1. wonderful... I too love fish sauce, it is great on plain white rice...

    I could dig this salad with some chicken...

  2. mmmmm! Your photos are lovely - the cuke looks so refreshing too!

    I like this recipe. I too am a fan of fish sauce, plus Anchovy sauce too. Of course being English (although living long time in Scotland) I adore Worcestershire sauce too!

    Not sure what cilantro is, but will google it.

    Yes, definitely a recipe I will try.

    Jeannie x

  3. I've done this dish but with bbq'd beef. The flavours are great.

    Denise x