Thursday, December 4, 2008

Greek Wedding Soup

Thank you all for the comments, the 'stumbles', and the emails. I appreciate each and every visit and I just love getting comments and emails from people who have made these meals and enjoyed them.

It is the perfect time of year for soup and this is a neat twist on an old favorite, Italian Wedding Soup.

Lets gather the ingredients!

Ground meat. I used beef, but you can use lamb, turkey or chicken.

Garlic, my favorite.

Chicken broth and some oregano. If you just made turkey stock from your turkey carcass and bones, that would work great with this.

Some bread crumbs.

Some orzo pasta, another one of my favorite things in the world.

Fresh mint and some parsley.


Delicious feta cheese.

and a lemon! Lets start cooking!

Zest your lemon using a zester or a grater. Make sure you only remove the yellow part of the skin, you don't want the white part as its not tasty at all.

Get the broth in a heavy pot or dutch oven, bring it to a boil.

While the broth comes up to temperature combine all of the meatball ingredients (meat, half the parsley, egg, feta, garlic, salt, pepper and oregano) together and mash them all together, your hands work best for this.

Make a bunch of little meatballs. I made extra and froze some to use later in some pasta with a little bit of lemon butter.

After your broth has simmered drop in the meatballs and orzo. Let it cook for about 8 minutes until the orzo is done to your liking. Move the meatballs around so they cook all the way through if the broth doesn't cover them.

I let mine continue to cook until it was almost like a risotto, because that is how I like to eat Orzo. You don't have to do this but it sure is delicious. Add in the herbs, the lemon zest and the lemon juice. The lemon makes this soup. It adds a brightness and tartness that totally changes the flavor of the soup, in a very good way.

This is not the best looking thing I have ever made, but it was so tasty!


  1. This looks amazingly delicious!

  2. Au contraire, it looks very good. My stomach is growling now!

  3. I love lemon flavored anything - I will definently try this one out...