Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pork with Sauerkraut, Apples and Potatoes

Are you guys ready to fire up the oven, because I am. This meal is a low fat one pot dream, throw it in and forget about it for a while.

The recipe calls for a can of potatoes, but I used fresh. This is where I get to make the mistakes so you don't have to. My potatoes weren't totally cooked in the amount of time it took for the pork to be done. (thank you microwave and plastic wrap for finishing those off for me) So if you are using fresh potatoes, you may want to boil them in some water for about 10-15 minutes before you put them in the casserole dish. Otherwise, buy a can of potatoes like the recipe calls for.

Apple Juice and sauerkraut. You really do not want to buy sauerkraut in a can, because it just tastes like the can to me.

Chop up your apples.

Slice (and boil if needed) your potatoes and layer them in the bottom of the casserole dish.

Grab some whole grain mustard, this is my favorite brand but there are plenty out there that are great.

drop that in the bowl with the apples and the sauerkraut and give it a good stir.

Layer that over the potatoes in your casserole dish.

Get your pork and add him to the fun.

Clearly you can add as many servings of pork as you'd like. You might wonder why I made so much of the potatoes and kraut when there was just one serving of pork. Well, because I LOVE potatoes and kraut. I ate them as a side dish for a couple of days. Put your casserole in the oven for about an hour. Use that hour to clean up the dishes, or just go read a book and hope your husband smells the kraut and wanders into the kitchen to ask what it is and does the dishes for you.

This smells so good you are going to be very anxious to get it out of the oven.

Talk about a delicious meal that is packed with flavor. The pork gets the flavor from all the goodness underneath it and the potatoes and apples are perfect together.


  1. MMM, that looks delicious!
    I've never tried sauerkraut before but this recipe just looks amazing, maybe i'll try it out!

  2. That looks delicious! Here is where I show how uncultured I am.. what exactly is sauerkraut, I've seen it in jars in the market (never in a can!) but i actually have no idea what it actually is!

    I think I will get adventurous and just try it.. If i don't i guess i will never know what it is!

    Sue x

  3. This is similar to something I make in the crockpot. Veeeeeeery yummy!

  4. That looks really great, I totally want to try it. Question: the pork look so lonely by it self on the top; will the whole think work better if it is surrounded/buried under the sauerkraut? or would that effect the texture of the pork somehow?

  5. Yep that looks good. We don't have pork very often. We should, it's a healthy meat.


  6. The time would probably work out if you used four chops like the recipe suggested. Or maybe just for one or two, add them about 15 minutes after the spuds had been cooking. Since I grew up on dishes like this, I find it hard to imagine people who don't know what sauerkraut is. It is fermented cabbage and VERY good for you!

    Jo in MN

  7. This looks so good - thanks for posting this!

    I love sauerkraut (I'm part Austrian), and can't wait to try this sometime this weekend when my husband's not around for dinner.

    I do sympathize with you on having to cook separate meals; my husband's a vegetarian, and well, I'm not. At all. I've somewhat adapted, but it's definitely not easy!

  8. You know, I've never tried sauerkraut since I was a kid. Just never liked the taste, but maybe I should give it another try?

  9. I love pork and I love sauerkraut.
    The 2 combined sounds delicious!
    I will have to try making this.
    I'm glad I found your blog.
    Come visit me at