Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cold Vegetable Pizza from Cooking For 2 Magazine

I know a lot of people try and guess which of the meals the hubby might have actually ate or tried. This is one of the ones he tried and said that the next time I made it he would have some!

I have been making a couple of things with those refrigerator crescent rolls lately so I will feature those this week. I think that Sandra Lee from the food network is a tad wacky but she does have a pretty good message, use some of the convenience items from the store. SOME. I will come to your house and smack your hand if you buy that pre-minced garlic nonsense in the jar or, god forbid, those plastic citrus shaped juice dispensers. Ok, enough ranting, preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

I was excited to find they have a reduced fat version of these since I had a few recipes to try with them.

spread it out on a cookie sheet and use your fingers to squish together all the perforations and to make a little crust around the edge. pop it in the oven and lets prep the rest of the ingredients.

grab some cream cheese and mayo, and whatever vegetable toppings you want. This is a great way to use up leftover veggies.

I chopped up black olive, red pepper and green onions.

get your dough out of the oven and on to a cooling rack. I overcooked my dough a little so keep an eye on yours!

You really can't go wrong with something that has cream cheese and mayo smeared all over it.

Get the cream cheese and mayo in a bowl with some dill.

If you actually wait for your cream cheese to soften and cool this step is a lot easier, but I have no patience for something like that!

spread the mixture on the dough.

sprinkle it with a little bit of cheesy goodness.

spread your toppings on and then say good bye for a while...

Goodbye!! (yes I rant and rave about YOU guys not using plastic butter, but do you think I can get the hubby to listen?? no way. plastic butter right next to a can of plastic nacho cheese.)

After it has chilled you are ready to eat!!

This would make a delicious appetizer as well, just cut it into nice bite sized triangles. I loved this and so did the hubby, so give it a try!


  1. oh come on over because I use the plastic lime juice when I make lime fajitas but I need a whole big bottle which is why. Bring some of the veggie mayo with you. I still want to try that.

  2. See? Plastic lemon juice to you = whole wheat pasta to me!!! I understand. We are actually traveling to Italy in 2 weeks. (I haven't talked about it because I'm freaking about leaving the dogs, especially V.O.D and Maria, but...) Will you not laugh yourself silly if I report back that they all eat whole wheat pasta???
    Sorry, I got off track. this looks really tasty and I like the idea of using the cresent roll dough!

  3. fantastic! cool and yummy dinner on a hot night (like we have been having in LA) I'm totally down to try it...

  4. My mom has made this before and loves it; it's always a big hit. Do have to watch that crust, though... she burnt one and it messed everything up! Otherwise it is really good.

    "god forbid, those plastic citrus shaped juice dispensers"

    I have one in my fridge and one on the countertop. Don't hurt me! I didn't want to waste lemons and I only needed the juice for a cheesecake recipe. :/