Saturday, July 12, 2008

Boneless Pork Cutlet with Summer Squash

This recipe comes from my favorite cookbook, Serves One. Summer squash is in season right now so its a great time to give this a try.

I used sweet onions because those are available right now and I just love their flavor.

Dice it up. I think I have shared this video before, but there is the link again. It is a quick tutorial on how to dice an onion. I don't want to assume anything with my posts so if you are a beginner, go watch that video! I think the most important thing about dicing or slicing anything is having a SHARP knife that you are comfortable with.

Shun Knife
My awesome hubby got me this AMAZING Shun knife for Christmas and I just love it. You don't need an expensive knife, just make sure it is sharp, well balanced, and most important, make sure you feel comfortable using it!

Slice up the summer squash.

Seed and dice your tomato. My favorite way to seed a tomato is just cut in half and use the knife to just sort of loosen the seeds then I dig them out with my fingers.

You need some corn, I prefer frozen over canned for sure.

You also need some seasonings. This is parsley, chives and marjoram.

Finally, your boneless pork cutlet.

Get a large sauce pan or small dutch oven going on the stove with some oil.

Pop your cutlet in and get it browned.

Once it is browned, pull it out and wrap it in some foil.

Drop in your onions and squash and cook it up for a couple of minutes.

Add the tomatoes, corn, and some salt and pepper. Stir it up and then get your pork out of the foil.

Put it back in the pot and add your herbs. Cover and cook for 5-8 minutes. While this cooks you can pour yourself a nice glass of chilled white wine, you earned it!

Plate it up and get ready for a tasty dinner.

The pork was delicious, but the star for me were the tasty, sweet veggies.


  1. How funny we're on the same page! ;)

  2. That looks good.. I wish I was more brave with my veggies.. LOL


  3. I think I've forgotten how to cook! But I ate raw herring in Sweden by mistake... AAACKKK!!!

    Slowly catching up (alphabetically) on my favorite blogs. And my sleep....


  4. That dish looks incredibly summery- fresh and tasty!

  5. I am cooking this right now! Here is to hoping it turns out right. I have a fear of cooking pork. I never feel it is really done.

  6. I always tried to cook but failed. but still i want to continue trying


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  7. mmm I love a nice tender pork cutlet...