Saturday, July 19, 2008

100th Post! Hungarian Pepper Stew

I can't believe I am at my 100th post already! This has been so much fun, the posts just fly by! I can't thank you guys out there enough for reading and for all of the wonderful comments and emails. I used to not get excited about cooking but now I really look forward to it because I get to share it with so many wonderful people! I have met so many nice people through this blog and found so many cool sites to read. Thank you all for spending a few minutes with me so I don't feel like I am "Dining Alone".

For the 100th post I am making a fantastic Hungarian Stew. I adore paprika so this stew made my mouth very happy. The recipe comes from the cook book Going Solo in the Kitchen by Jane Doerfer. It is a fabulous cookbook for cooking and eating alone.

I know a hearty soup may not be the best for summer, but I can't live without soup!

This coincided with BACON DAY!

Dice up some onion while the bacon cooks.

I reserved some of the bacon drippings (sounds so much better than bacon FAT) to cook the onions.

Into the dutch oven it goes.

You also need some peppers. I used red and green, you can use whatever color/flavor combo you want.

Dice those guys up also, but not too fine, you want some nice big bites of pepper.

You need some diced tomatoes also. Nowhere in the recipe does it mention putting any bacon into the stew, but forget it, I am adding some in!

Don't forget the star, delicious sweet Hungarian Paprika. I just love this stuff.

Lets start cooking now that we are all prepped.

Get the onions in your bacon drippings and get them cooking.

Drop in the paprika and give it a stir.

Keep stirring this and swoon because it smells so absolutely delicious.

Add in the peppers, tomatoes and BACON. Don't forget to season with some salt and pepper also. Cover this up and let it cook for about 20-30 minutes depending on how much crunch you want your peppers to have.

The flavors combine so beautifully and you end up with a delicious stew. If you want to do this vegetarian you absolutely can, just use olive oil and maybe just a dash of brown sugar or molasses to give it a little oomf that you lose with the bacon and the drippings.

Thank you all for dining with me 100 times!


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  2. The stew looks fantastic! That cookbook sounds like a brilliant idea- i always have such trouble estimating how much i need to feed myself.

    Congrats on your 100th post by the way!

  3. congrats on 100 posts!

    What a simple and super easy stew!