Thursday, January 10, 2013

Favorite Things #42 - Arizona Winters

I have lived in Arizona for a little over 16 years and I still love it just as much as I did when I first moved here. I grew up in Western PA so I saw plenty of snow, rain and dreary weather. This weekend in AZ we are supposed to have actual cold weather, like in the 20s at night. It has not been that cold that I can remember since I moved here. I am actually looking forward to it as a nice change. Hopefully it will still be bright and sunny as Tom and I are going to a Food Truck Festival at the AZ Dbacks Spring Training facility. I am super excited and will definitely report back on how it was.

For now here is my youngest dog Steve enjoying some AZ Winter sun...


Do you have fun weekend plans?


  1. My roommate in college was from AZ and I loved it when I went to visit her one year. :) Hope you have an awesome weekend and that the food truck festival is a blast!

  2. Great picture. I can't do HOT weather so I don't think I would do well living in AZ but I sure love visiting there in the winter. It's beautiful!

    Have fun at the truck festival - it sounds like a great (and tasty) time!

  3. A food truck festival, how fun! That cold weather will help whet your appetite!

  4. It's snowing in Tokyo area today (it's rare!) and I'm glad to be in SF... I'm so used to California weather that I am too scared to go back in winter and summer there. It's going to be 30s this week too. Stay warm! Your dog is so cute!

  5. Both my step-son and his wife and my brother live in Austin Texas - they have food trucks galore there and neither of them take advantage of it!

    I've never been to a food truck once! Can't wait for the recap.

    It's been an unusual Chicago winter - I haven't shoveled once!!

  6. Being in MI, I am certainly envious of your winters. This year (knock on wood) has been another mild winter here though. Yay!! I do miss riding my snowmobile but, I don't miss bad roads at all.