Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Favorite Things #38 - My Microplane Grater

I could continue to go on about how much I love my new phone, but this is a food blog so this week's favorite is food related. This is my favorite kitchen gadget and I sincerely hope you have one. If you don't, treat yourself, you will not regret it.

Behold the glory of the Microplane grater/zester. This handy little tool gets used in my cooking all of the time.

Here are some of its appearances on the blog...

lime joins the crust

As you can see it can be used for grating nutmeg and ginger, zesting citrus, and for shredding hard cheeses. I even use it to grate garlic and onions for when chunks just are not acceptable.

If you'd like to pick one of these up Sur La Table has them for a good price!

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?


  1. I agree - I have this grater and it's one of the best kitchen gadgets I love and continue to give as a gift! :)

  2. I'm with you, the microplane is a must-have kitchen gadget. I have a few different kinds, and they all get a lot of use.

  3. I have one too and use it often. As far as a favorite item, I would say my food processor or blender, I use them both often. I put them away sometimes but, they should just permanently sit on my counter.

  4. I use it much too often as well my friend, definitely a favourite :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. I own three different micro plane graters. I can attest to the fact that they are a must-have in the kitchen. I love it!


  6. Sigh. Now that is what I truly need in life.

  7. This is a great gadget! I have one too and use it almost everyday.
    I have lots of favorite gadgets. I think that the this is one of them along with my griddle and mix-master and of course the tongs. Oh my, I could go on and on!!
    I hope you have a nice weekend. Blessings dearest. Catherine xoxo

  8. The microplane is my favorite as well. I mostly use it for zesting and nutmeg and fresh ginger but do use it for fine chocolate shavings occasionally. Love! But if you were going to ask me my favorite appliance-the food processor. Could not live without it.

  9. You totally read my mind! I am in LOVE with my microplane! I couldn't find one ANYWHERE, until I walked into the Bay one day, and saw it sitting in front of me. I thought "who, I don't care how much this thing is, I'm buying it. Turns out it was 50% off, then another 25% off because it was some cool promotion. Talk about the best buy of my LIFE :)

  10. I had been on the fence about getting one of these for years. Then one night I was checking out your blog where you suggested everyone immediately buy one. So I did. Right then. And I absolutely LOVE it. So basically, they should pay you a marketing and advertising commission.

    My favorite kitchen gadget? Hmm, too many to mention. These are the ones I use at least once a week: food processor (hand me down from my MIL), kitchenaid mixer, electric steamer, rice cooker, microplane of course.