Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vegetarian Greek Sandwich

I have been absent this week because I have been crazy busy at work, which thankfully does not happen often. I am hoping to get back to my normal schedule this coming week, I have missed visiting all of your blogs!

As it is most definitely Summer here in AZ our eating habits change because at dinner time it is usually about 105 outside and standing over a hot stove does not sound fun. Instead of a full recipe post I am going to share one of our favorite Summer sandwiches. Yes, I said 'our' because Tom will actually eat this.

Greek sandwich

This is a 'Greek Sandwich' and could not be easier. Take some feta and mash it up with a little olive oil and spread it on some toasted sourdough. On the other slice of bread spread some hummus. Pile on some cucumber, tomato, black olive, onion and whatever other veggies you'd like and you are ready to eat. Some other veggie suggestions I would make would be artichokes, pickled hot peppers and roasted red peppers.

I hope you are all enjoying the first few days of Summer and I can't wait to get back to visiting all of your blogs.


  1. Yum! That mom is not good at making sandwiches but I think she could handle this one.

  2. Who hoo - a husband approved meal! That sounds so good - I love greek food! Or maybe just the feta :) Yum!


  3. great idea, i'm definitely going to try this tomorrow! i've been on a big veggie sandwich kick but was getting a little bored of the ones i've been making.

  4. Sounds great and I wouldn't be cooking in that weather either. I'm so surprised this is husband approved, my hubs wouldn't do it ;)

  5. Don't you hate when work gets in the way of your blog reading??!!

    I'd have roasted red pepper please, sans the onions. :D

  6. Oh this is a very helpful post and need to keep this!

  7. Now that's my kind of sandwich!

  8. Bookmarked my friend, and moved to the top of the list :D
    This looks stunning and delish!

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. I love Greek salads, and making it into a sandwich is a great idea!