Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Best Thing I Ever Ate - Seafood

The first time I went to Amsterdam we didn't have much time to really do everything we wanted, and I didn't get to try everything I wanted to eat. The second time we went I insisted that I was getting mussels even if there was nothing on the menu for my husband to eat. So being the good sport he was he sat and enjoyed a Heineken while I ate the most delicious mussels I have ever had.


I am proud to say I finished almost all of them and the smell didn't even bother Tom.

What is the best seafood you have ever had?


  1. The best seafood I have had comes in the from of Crabcakes Benedict from this little cafe in South Haven Michigan of all places (Phoenix Street Cafe). I grew up on the California coast and never would I have thought that the Midwest would beat the coast on seafood dishes.

    I had the crabcakes benedict for breakfast 2 years ago while on vacation. Never have I savored each and every bite like I did that meal. I dreamed about that dish for a year and when it came time for vacation last fall, we planned it so we would have breakfast at this cafe again. I thought for sure that the meal was not going to live up to what I had been dreaming about but was I wrong. Once again, the crab cakes were divine. They were loaded with fresh crab and full of luscious crab flavor.

    We are heading back there this weekend. Again, planning our first night's stop so that we can have breakfast at the cafe again.

  2. I think the best seafood I've ever eaten may have also been mussels--moules marinieres at Bouchon in Las Vegas. It definitely helped that they came with a gigantic cone of duck fat fries to dip in all the delicious white wine broth!

  3. The best thing and the funniest thing was a Moreton Bay Bug that I had in Brisbane on my first trip to Australia. John said, "Want a bug?"

    "Uhh.. no."

    It was delicious. :)

  4. I have never had mussels. I see them on my foodie shows and now hearing this from you I want to try them. Not sure where I'd get them around here. I'll have to look up the place Teresa mentioned above. Probably the best seafood dish I had was in FL, I don't know the name of the place, my Aunt took me there and all I cared about was the food. I had a deep-fried soft shell crab on top of a delicious seafood salad. Omg!!

  5. Hands down, these are the best mussels I've ever had!


    I can buy mussels at The Fresh Market for only $4.99 a pound!

  6. I have had some great mussels before and excellent crab cakes & razor clams. I just love seafood!

  7. Mussels and clams befuddle me. Aren't you just supposed to swallow them whole without chewing? That's not something I'm down with! lol I get sooo irritated with my dog for swallowing things whole b/c, as I tell her, "how can you even taste it without chewing?" She pretends not to understand me. lol

    Did you take your "best thing" photos before you were blogging? That's miraculous! I didn't really photograph anything before blogging. So nice that you have these to share with us now!

    1. You can chew mussels, you don't have to swallow them whole :)

      I have been taking photos of everything since I got my first digital camera in 2005. I have been doing this food blog since 2007 so a lot of these photos were taken while I was blogging, but I am deciding to feature them in this "best food" theme.

    2. I didn't realize you'd been blogging so long! Wow, very cool!

  8. The best seafood I've ever ahd was this tuna I ate at a fabulous restaurant in North Carolina when I was on a med school interview!

  9. My fiance and I have a favorite vacation spot that we try to get to at least once a year. It's the Santa Cruz KOA. Adorable little cabins, VERY dog friendly, and literally a mile down the road from one of my favorite beaches. I highly suggest you guys check it out if you ever want to go to the coast!

    While we are there we absolutely have to go to Phil's Fish Market at least once for their phenomenal seafood. The restaurant literally sits right on the beach and it's the freshest seafood out there. Afterward we always have a beer on the beach and watch the sunset. If you do go, there are plenty of steak and burger options for your hubby :)