Saturday, January 7, 2012

Favorite things number 2

Today while cleaning the garage I found some old flyers from some shows I went to many years ago. I had so much fun going to shows with my friends back in the day, now I am lucky if I get to a couple a year. I guess I am getting old because they just aren't that fun anymore.

BUT here are some that were totally awesome...

This was amazing
This was a weekend show that I was able to go to on my first visit back to PA after moving to AZ. It was such a great show and I saw it with some of my best friends.

Probably my favorite Weston show
The band Weston is my favorite band EVER. This show was in the town where I grew up and went to college. The last band was actually my boyfriend of the time's band.

What are some things you liked doing when you were younger but now just don't have the same appeal?

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  1. I definitely used to go to a TON of shows like these when I was in high school - I suppose now that I just can't stay up that late or deal with standing around in large crowds waiting for the 1 band I actually want to see!