Monday, March 16, 2009

Roasted Game Hen

On the weekends I like to cook food that is a little bit more involved than my usual quick weeknight meals. I know it is only Monday but that just means I wish it were the weekend even more. Grab the ingredients for the recipe this week and you will have something to look forward to!

One very obvious thing you need is a hen. These little guys are usually right around $3-4 and they make the perfect solo meal.

You need lemon wedges.

Some seasoning.

Get your bird seasoned up and squeeze the lemon juice on it.

Get it in a bag and pop it in the fridge for about an hour, or overnight.

When it is time to roast the hen preheat your oven to 375 degrees and then make the simple stuffing.

You need some grape tomatoes, garlic, and shallots or onion.

Some Basil and some Red Wine.

Chop up the shallot or onion.

Chop up the garlic.

Get it in a bowl with the red wine, basil and some salt and pepper.

Grab your bird from the fridge. You will also need another lemon wedge and a bay leaf.

Stuff the bird with the tomato stuffing, lemon wedge and the bay leaf. If you have rosemary or other herbs go ahead and stuff those in there also.

Cover the hole with the excess skin and you are ready to get this guy cooking.

Put the rest of the tomato stuffing in the roasting pan.

Put your hen in the roasting pan and if you have a thermometer, pop that guy in there too. Get him in the oven and then there is just one more thing to do.

Cut the top off an entire head of garlic and drizzle some olive oil over it. Put it in some foil and seal it up.

Pop it in the oven with the hen and let those cook for about an hour.

When the time is up or your thermometer shows the right temperature, get the bird out!

Look at those yummy veggies!!

Don't forget the garlic!! I just squeezed it out and dipped the hen in it, but you can smear it on some bread if you want.

Talk about a delicious meal! This is a great dish for a lazy Sunday afternoon.


  1. yum!!!! nice stuffing! i always foret about roasting, it's so simple and the results are great,

  2. Oh wow that looks fantastic.
    Did you know that Banrock Station wines donate a percentage of what they make to environmental projects around the globe.


  3. This is similar to a recipe I make! In fact, it's on the menu, and I'll be making it when I get back from Dallas :D

  4. We have game hens in the freezer. I am sure this would do them proud.

  5. I have a game hen in the freezer too! Guess I know what I'm having for dinner one of these evenings.
    **putting grape tomatoes on the grocery list**

  6. I have never thought to stuff a bird outside of thanksgiving... and with tomatoes no less! You always surpise me with somthing cool!

  7. very nice. I can't wait until grill season; I would like to keep some of these guys on hand at all times and just spatchcock a few and grill simply with garlic and oil. Roasted tomatos are are great side!! Oh...and I am envious of your Shun knife.