Sunday, June 15, 2008

Taco Pork Chop

I hope you guys are having a great Father's Day. I'd like to take a second to thank some readers of this blog and of my dog blog who sent me the most wonderful wedding gift, a gift card to Penzeys Spices. On this Father's Day their Father is in Iraq serving our country, so this thank you is truly from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the gift card, and thanks to him for your brave service.

So what did I get with my spice money? Take a look....

Penzey's Spices from my gift card

Penzey's Spices from my gift card
It was so much fun shopping with my sister at the store and getting a bunch of things I have always wanted. I even picked up the Penzeys' magazine and it is wonderful. I even had some money left over at the end!

So thank you again to Moco, Foley, Dawson, Edgar, Clara, Grammie, Pappy, Peanut, Flash and your Mom, Dad and brother and sister.

Now lets get cooking!

This is a toaster oven recipe from an old toaster oven cookbook I found used. First thing, get your toaster oven preheating to 350 degrees.

It says to use cheese flavored tortilla chips, but I didn't have any of those.

I used plain

But spiced them up with a little Ancho Chili Pepper.

Grab your pork chop and send it for a roll through the chips.

Get a foil lined baking pan ready and spray it with a little of this junk or some oil or butter.

Drop your chop on there and get it in the toaster oven.

Now lets make our sauce.

Garlic powder, ketchup, butter, chili powder and some hot sauce. I forgot to grab the cumin before I took this picture, but some of that will go in also. Grab a small sauce pan and get it over medium/low heat and start adding your ingredients.



Butter and spices

Give it a stir and keep stirring until your butter melts and its combined nicely.

Pull your chop out and get ready to plate.

When my sister was here I got this thing of cole slaw for lunches so I had to finish that after she left. I got sick of cole slaw for sure.

This turned out really great. If I made the sauce again I would do a little less ketchup and a little more hot sauce, but it was pretty darn good and very easy. The chips on the pork really made it taste great.


  1. How can you get tired of coleslaw? That pork chop looks good. I will have to try it. I am kind of cooking for myself since the girl left. the boy is a nibbler and doesn't eat meals really.He's the a little here a little there kid. You are very welcome for the gift card (it was mainly all grammie though).

  2. Aw how sweet is that! And Congratulations again on your marriage. Hope your blog dog family's dad (is there an easier way to say that??) makes it back safe and sound.

    I think that I'd actually like the way you made the chips better, artificial cheese taste is not always tasty to me.

    And I need to add ancho seasoning to my list of things to buy!

  3. This looks yummy. I love cholula hot sauce. Spendy, but worth the taste. I bought some of the horseradish seasoning, so I am eager to see what you make with it. I cleaned out my spice cupboard and have replaced with Penzeys. Everything tastes so much better with their spices. I agree that the magazines are really good.