Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Apple Sauce Nut Bread

Thank you all for the comments and kind words, I really feel the love and I am eager to know the humans behind all of Joe and Tanner's dog blog buddies.

This recipe is so easy and inexpensive. The picky SO has yet to have a piece, I think his taste buds are broken. Maybe if I poured hot sauce on it first...

Lets begin!

we have the recipe, I cut off the end, the cooking temperature is 350 degrees. Blogger resizes my photos so I will have to be cognizant of that going forward with my picture taking to be sure to get the whole recipe in here.

You start with your 2 cups of flour. I don't have a fancy flour sifter, but this wire strainer deal works just fine.

Add in your sugar. I might experiment with some brown sugar next time I make this.

The baking brothers. I always have to hide baking soda in the kitchen because the SO loves to pour it down the drains to eliminate odors. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate it that he does this, but when you go to bake and all your soda is gone it can be frustrating.

Freshly grated nutmeg is so so much better than the powdered stuff. Also, it can be used as a threat against the SO that if he pours that last box of soda in the sink he might find a whole lot of nutmeg in his tea. (extreme amounts of nutmeg is poisonous if you did not know, so obviously that is a joke)

The recipe calls for walnuts. I don't really like walnuts so I used brazil nuts. I also don't like chopping nuts so into the quick chopper they go! If you like to cook but don't have very good knife skills or just don't have the time to cut manually these little things are GREAT!


Once you combine all those dry ingredients you have to get to work on the wet stuff.

The egg is about to be beaten!

The star of the show. When I was growing up, my older sister used to dip ALL of her food in applesauce. I am not kidding, steak, spaghetti, mac n' cheese, etc. Thank goodness she outgrew this but I can't look at applesauce and not think of her.

The wet stuff goes on the dry stuff and stir stir stir!

The recipe said to POUR the mixed concoction in the pan, but there is no pouring here, this was scooping and smushing with my spoon.

Into the oven you go!

See you in 50 minutes

It turned out golden brown and delicious looking (and smelling). Let it sit on your counter for about a half an our and then turn the pan over onto a plate and your loaf is served!

A little bit of butter and perfection!!! I like to eat this for breakfast. I slice off a piece and nuke it for about 30 seconds and it is good to go!


  1. We had no idea that nutmeg was poisonous! We'll log that into the back of our brain! heheheh shhhhhhhh
    Mom LOVES brazil nuts! This bread is going to be fabulous!
    We love your step by step instructions! Do we get a taste now too?

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Now my wacky S.O. would definitely eat this. He's not big on nuts so I might chop up an apple and add it to the batter.

    I'm totally digging this blog! Nice job. Reminds me of my favorite foodie blog, the Pioneer Woman Cooks.


  3. Wow, I can almost taste that bread just by looking at the pictures. I'm a fan of banana nut breads so I bet I would like this bread.

    It's making me hungry... I'm off to get breakfast but I bet I won't find anything as good as that.


  4. Fat-Free Applesauce! What an amazing thing! har har

    After watching Good Eats with Alton Brown, I've become obsessed with flour. Now when I go to grocery stores I actually spend time looking at the flours.

    If you like Good Eats, I recommend books by Shirley O. Corriher (who's been on his shows) and Harold McGee. Both books are interesting and give you knowledge of why/how ingredients work together.

  5. I would leave the nuts out of this. I can make a mean banana bread and regular bread also so I bet I could make this. The little man in the house loves applesauce and will eat it with every meal(though he doesn't dip his food into it) so I bet he would love this.


  6. I don't like walnuts either, so I always substitute pecans.
    There is NO WAY I could eat just one piece of this for breakfast!!! More like half a loaf! I love Rachelle's suggestion of cutting up some apples and adding them, too.
    Can't wait for your next entry! Entree?


  7. Everything looks so yummy. That tuna casserole was exactly like the Friday lunch I got in school every Friday of my senior year! The peas, however, would be used with a knife for sling-shotting to a nearby friend/enemy. I might try it at home. I just love old cook books like the one you are using. You can often pick them up in garage and estate sales. My MIL died recently and going thru her cookbooks netted me a few, one of which was a church group one. My Grandmother was in the grange in Western NY. She also had a banana bread recipe which I glommed onto after she died. I also collect cookbooks and have gotten a couple on Ebay. Can't wait til the next recipe.

    C-K-C's mom Kathleen

  8. I am also very fond of hot sauce. I add it to many of the things I cook. I would not put it on this wonderful looking loaf bread. I am sure Pappy would like this recipe. I would have to use Splenda, but I think it would be OK. He would love that chicken thigh recipe also. There is something positive about a man who wants to keep the drains odor free.

    Peanut and Flash's grammie-Marilyn

  9. That looks yummy. I have a Applesauce cake recipe from 'the Martha' which I LOVE, but it is VERY time consuming. This would be a great substitute for it if I get the hankering!

    Thanks! Michele

  10. That looks SO good! I was watching Martha Stewart today and she was talking about nutmeg too and I didn't know it came fresh like that! I will have to look for that. I'm sure if Joey and Tanner were hooman they would LOVE trying your stuff. I bet they love to try getting a taste. I can't cook with Lillie around. She's too big and tries to steal the food. Looking forward to your next post.
    Amy (Lillie V's mom)

  11. This looked so good that I decided to try it, but I had to do some substituting since I had no walnuts or applesauce. So in case you're ever wondering, it works just beautifully with brown sugar, pureed pineapple, pecans, and a little bit of cinnamon added. Thanks for the recipe! As an added bonus, my house smells so good right now from this thing.

  12. oh thank dogness, at last I have found you! I remember Joe commenting (!) on Marvin's that you had a blog, then something happened and I did not check it out!

    Apologies, and what a lovely blog you have indeed. I love food and I love cooking so will be visiting again.

    The Apple Sauce Nut bread sounds delcious (and looks delicious)

    More another time, love and light Jeannie ;0) Marvins Mama xxxx