Saturday, December 29, 2007

Spinach with Egg and Bacon

Thanks again for all of the comments. Please let me know if you do make the recipes and how they turn out.

Your ingredients

Your steps

Got this on clerance because the label was all dirty, WHO CARES!? One thing that I always have on hand is a lot of different kinds of vinegar. Vinegar packs a lot of flavor with no fat!

Here is your fat! This is imported from Jeannette PA which is very near to where I grew up.

Another thing you HAVE to have is good dijon mustard. You can get this in the grocery store and it is essential to vinaigrettes and marinades. I usually have 3-6 different kinds of mustard in my fridge at all times.

Good salt is important, please do yourself a favor and get some kosher or sea salt. Iodized salt just doesn't taste as good and I promise you WILL notice a difference.

One thing I will tell you right now, my kitchen is not always immaculate as I suspect is the case in a lot of homes. If you'd like to comment that my counter looks dirty or my stove top looks spotty I will probably just nod and agree with you! My house is old and still has the original tiles and grout, I gave up that battle a while ago :)

Bacon is a food group to the SO. Therefore, I tend to cook an entire package and then refrigerate it to be reheated in the micro for use on BLTs and burgers.

My usual green is spinach. I love spinach and I am anemic so the extra iron is always a boost.

If you keep a napkin or paper towel in with your greens it helps them stay fresh in the fridge longer.

your vinaigrette ingredients get whisked up until they look like...


Toss your spinach around in the bath until it is nice and coated.

Now get that egg going!

I adore sunny side up eggs. These are known as dippy eggs in Western PA and are usually served with toast and KETCHUP! I still eat that same meal a couple of times a year and it is the ultimate in comfort food. (foodies across the nation are gasping as I type this)

Sprinkle the bacon and tomato on top and you are ready to eat!

This dish seemed very rich because of the egg yolk but really was pretty light.

Have some bread on hand to get all the egg yolk up from the plate.

Share the roll with your trusty sous chef.


  1. Should the napkin or paper towel put in with the greens be moistened to provide extra humidity, or left dry to soak up humidity?

  2. I never knew that about putting in a napkin with spinach. Thanks for the tip! J x

  3. Now you DO have some extraordinarily cute sous chefs! ;)

    We'll going offline until 2008 so just thought I'd pop by to wish you a ll the best for the new year!


  4. That looks easy enough! Quick and tasty too. I LOVE drippy eggs!!!

    I'm with you about the vinegars & mustards. I just found an amazing pomegranate vinegar that makes a great vinaigrette!!!

    oh and your sous chef...very handsome. And looks a little like my sous chef!!!


  5. HMmmm.. That looked pretty good. I may have to try that.

    Jonna (Katie, Zorra, and Sam's mom)

  6. I can't handle the drippy eggs. I make something similar but use hard boiled eggs and balsamic vinegar.

  7. wow, i really like your blog!! definitely going into bookmarks.


  8. HA! I saw that picture of the egg & said in my head "mmmmmm, a dippy egg" then I read your comment & spit my coffee on my keyboard.

    That is my go to viniagrette, mustard, EVOO & acid. It's so fun to play around with different flavors. I know I have a bottle of champagne vinager somewhere. Looks amazing!


  9. I would have thought you were crazy about the salt, but we switched to sea salt a couple of years ago and then tried to use iodized salt a few weeks ago. It was harsh! Back to snooty sea salt!

    Cubby's mom

  10. With my nine sous chefs, I have to plan ahead to have enough "taster foods" to go around!
    I am going to make this for dinner tonight. Bill and I LOVE to have breakfast for dinner!

  11. I was writing down the ingredients for the tomato soup and the girl said oh that salad looks good so we have those ingredients down also to get tomorrow though I will be boiling my egg while the girl will be having her's dippy as you say. I am glad I have one kid who will eat new foods with me. I think we will eat better just reading your blog :)