Thursday, September 20, 2012

Favorite Things #36 - The Netherlands

A few people have commented on my new header photo, which is one of my own pictures that I took in the Netherlands in 2009. Tom and I will be going back in November and to say I can't wait is a huge understatement. Tom grew up taking family vacations there because of his Dad's job and he fell in love with it. When I met him he carried a photo of Amsterdam in his wallet.

We decided to take our honeymoon there in 2008 and I fell in love with it as well, it is just such a beautiful and relaxing place to visit. We went back in 2009 and haven't been since so we are both so excited.

So here are some pictures of my favorite place after Arizona!


Dining with my kitty friend
There are cats in most bars and some restaurants in Amsterdam. The staff will gladly get them out of your way if you are not a fan, but this adorable little guy sat on my lap through my whole meal. That is a delicious pancake with ham that I am eating, the dutch love giant eggy pancakes, almost like a super sized crepe.

another shot



The bread and cheese in Amsterdam is AMAZING. Tetra cat eyeing Tom
This cat loved Tom, I will be so excited if he is still there when we go back.

Tom gives the kitty dining etiquette tips
Ok, all the cats loved Tom :)

Finally a very classic view from Amsterdam...


Have you been to the Netherlands? What is your favorite vacation spot?


  1. That's so funny about the cats being in restaurants. I have never been there. It's looks so pretty, I can see how it would be relaxing. I bet you're excited to go, I would be too. I hope you take lots of pictures :)

  2. OMgosh, I love all the cats in the bars! That is so neat. That kitty in your lap looked like he was waiting for a bite. :) Wow, The Netherlands is such a beautiful place. Love that you're going back for a 3rd visit-fun fun!

  3. The Netherlands is an awesome country. My family has also spent time there and we really enjoy it. Amsterdam is a beautiful city. I think we were there too, in 2009!

    Enjoy your time there in November! Brrr, it is going to be cold.


  4. What a beautiful place to visit my friend, keep having fun :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. What a beautiful place! Terrific that you get to go again, looking forward to hearing about it. Funny about the cats!

  6. What wonderful photos. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so I understand your attraction to it. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  7. So weird that cats are everywhere! I wouldn't mind though.

    I've never been to Europe - I've only canoed in Canada for a day and I've never been further west than DesMoines Iowa, so sad!

    So happy about your upcoming trip though!

  8. That is so funny about the cats! Gorgeous pictures - I can see why you are so excited!


  9. About the cats in restaurants. It's something historical, of course. Most Dutch cities lived (and still live) from trade. The warehouses were mostly close to the water (canals and such) and mice and rats were common there. It's no coincidence that even in medieval times there were several churches in Utrecht names after Saint Getrude, the patron AGAINST mice, rats and the plague.
    Cats had the function to chase this vermin away. Even in the neighbourhoud I live almost every house has at least one cat.

    Cats are therefore a common site in Dutch cafes and restaurants. In Utrecht, the city I live, a book was published last year, telling about the most famous cafe-cats of the city. Utrecht people will recognize many of them.

    I hope you'll enjoy your autumn stay in the netherlands. Be prepared for wet, cold and grey weather, though... ;)

  10. I Absolutely love the way that kitten is fixated on your eggy ham pancake! So cute.

    Sadly, I have never been out of the country. I don't even have a passport, but it's on my 2013 goal list to get one! I want to see the town my mom came here from (Bremerhaven Germany), amongst other places.