Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Corn Casserole

old cookbook

I love old cookbooks, the older and funkier, the better. I also love when I get a cookbook from a thrift or antique store and there are recipes tucked in the pages. This cookbook is the best of both worlds. It is an old cookbook and in the front are envelopes filled with clipped and hand written recipes. I was so excited to go through them all.

hand written recipes inside

Here is what the actual cookbook pages are like, it seems like this was a build it over time kind of book, where you would get mailed new sections.

Hospitality House cook book

I decided to try one of the more simple recipes and I love a good casserole, so this was my first pick from this book. I cut this recipe in half.

Corn Casserole recipe
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and lets grab some ingredients.

You need some corn, ground meat - I used chicken to lighten it up from the original recipe, tomatoes, green pepper, shallot or onion, an egg, bread crumbs and butter.

Chop up your veggies and melt your butter. You can also see my favorite seasonings hanging out in the back, garlic and paprika. I added those guys to the chicken while it cooked for some more flavor.

Break your egg and whip it up.

Combine your breadcrumbs and some butter to make the topping.

butter and oil
Now lets start cooking! Melt your butter in the pan.

Add in your meat, onions and pepper. You can add some garlic or other seasoning here if you want also.

cooked chicken
Cook the ground meat until it is all browned.

egg in
Stir in the egg.

Make a layer of corn, I had a lot less corn than I thought, but that is ok. I was just cooking for me so it didn't have to be perfect.

chicken mix
Layer half of the meat mixture on top of the corn.

Add half of the tomatoes.

ready to bake
Repeat the layers and top with the bread crumbs. You can season the bread crumbs if you'd like as well. I am all about adding in flavor where I can.

Corn Casserole
Bake this for an hour and you are ready to eat!

Corn Casserole
This was tasty and unlike a lot of the old school casserole recipes there were no cans of soup involved. I am looking forward to trying more recipes from this fun little cookbook.


  1. I love a good casserole too, this one looks yummy. I also love old cookbooks. The one that you have looks like it would be fun to have.

  2. I just love old cookbooks! I have a cookbook from each of my grandma's and I love all the comments/suggestions/hints on the sidebar. This casserole sounds great!!

  3. What a neat cookbook! The casserole sounds really good too.

  4. I love old cookbooks - the more marked up the better. I always try the ones with the most stains first because you know that was a favorite recipe.

  5. I once was at a garage sale and found several old cookbooks with hand written notes all over them, with notes like "next time add more butter." I brought it to the attention of the sellers and said "you obviously didn't mean to sell these, did you?"

    She looked at them and just said "how about .25 cents each?" I quickly bought them all and loved reading them like a book!

    Happy Friday!