Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Favorite Things #48 - The Perfect Pickler

One of the blogs I read regularly is The Healthy Beehive written by a super creative woman named Jane. I saw on her blog that she liked to do her own pickling and fermenting and I had recently been reading about the health benefits of fermented food. I decided to pick up a Perfect Pickler to give it a try.

The first thing I made was cauliflower. I was scared I was going to end up with a jar full of disgusting smelly grossness so I didn't take too many photos or plan to blog about it.

Attempting brine pickling #fermenting #perfectpickler
This is what it looked like after I just set it up. The airlock on the top makes it so air cannot get down into the food but allows air to escape. This makes it less risky for some kind of food poisoning disaster.

One more day and I get to taste my pickled cauliflower!
When it was almost time to taste the cauliflower the brine had turned cloudy, which is expected, so I was pretty excited. When I finally tried it, I loved it! It was not overly sour like a pickled veggie, but if I had let it continue to ferment it would have become more sour. I have since made onions and asparagus and both turned out awesome.

I got the following book, Real Food Fermentation from Amazon and it has taught me a lot also. I will be posting a step by step later this week to show you just how easy it is to transform food into something you can keep around in your fridge for weeks. I bought this with my own money and I am not being compensated in any way for this, I am just excited about another way to think about and work with food!

Have you ever made your own fermented food or done brine pickling?


  1. I tried to make sauerkraut once, the recipe called for it to be in the basement for 3 weeks - it was awful! Interesting contraption you've got there!

    I've made pickles and pickled radishes before, I need to make them again soon - I never think about them during winter!

  2. Wow very cool! I've quick pickled a few things but have never really let anything ferment. What a great tool!

  3. I love Jane's blog! I'm used to making my own pickles but, she has given me many more ideas like jalapenos, etc. I need to pickle some cauliflower, that stuff is great!

  4. Awesome! I've pickled many times and have to try this. Off to check out her blog.

  5. I really want to try my hand at pickling. The book sounds like a great one!

  6. Wow very interesting!! I do quick pickling in Japanese way but this sounds more fun. :D

  7. That is so cool my friend, I would love to try this :D


  8. Looks delicious. I can't say I've ever made pickles but I do LOVE them!

  9. I hang my head in shame when I tell you....I have never pickled anything before. You have inspired me!!!