Sunday, February 26, 2012

Favorite Things #9 -

I love kitchen stuff. Knives, bowls, Pyrex, gadgets and pans. My All Clad non stick frying pan that I have used pretty much everyday for the last 10 years was starting to have issues with the coating. I decided to look into the ceramic coated pans after seeing them on the Food Network a lot. My brother had got me an Amazon gift card for Christmas so I used that to get the Vinaroz Die Cast Aluminum Ceramic coated pan.

This thing is AWESOME! If someone would like to pay me to be the official spokes person for this company I will gladly accept an entire set of them. They also come in red and I think black.

Vinaroz Die Cast Aluminum with Ceramic Coating 28-Cm Fry Pan with Lid and Vent

I have no idea how long the ceramic coating will last, but for now I am in love. The little silent film below was after frying spaghetti and then leaving the pan sit on the stove for a half hour.

It is like magic! I will keep you posted on how well the coating holds up but for now it is my new favorite pan.

Edit: I finally figured out how to add the reply feature to my comments, yes, I am slow. So please feel free to comment and I can actually reply now.


  1. What a great pan! It would be even better if you could chuck it in the dishwasher! Oh, one can dream...

  2. Yes, you would have had a field day at Williams Sonoma with me - I only bought 3 things and spent $85!!

    Love that pan, may have to put that on my wish list!

  3. I never thought about a ceramic coating...I think its great. Nice pan.

    1. apparently they are safer than traditional non stick also!

  4. I've never seen ceramic pans before. I'll wager it will hold up well. Thanks for letting us know about it. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary