Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This post is not about cooking...

So I thought I would share some more 'me' stuff on the blog today. One of the coolest things I have got recently is a Laptop Lunch Box system.

It is a Bento style lunch box that lets you compartmentalize your food. I don't have to pack my lunch often because I am super lucky and get to come home everyday to eat. Recently I have had a lot more meetings, which make me grumpy, so when I have to miss lunch this Bento box makes it much more fun. There is a group on Flickr where people post pictures so I can get lots of ideas.

I continue to thrift and search antique stores for Pyrex. One of the coolest things I have got lately is this mug

I have a thing for owls, so this really made me smile.

Finally a nice pic of my dogs enjoying some sunshine. I hope this warms all of you guys that are sitting around in feet of snow. One thing about the desert, you don't have to shovel heat!!


  1. Sorry...

    Snow is SNOW not a problem here...

    We've discussed that before and I'm always reminding my sister of said HEAT problem when she whines in the summer!

    As for the mug, Khyra says you are WISE for liking owls!

    Nice lunch box - so beats the Barbie one I had a zillion years ago!

  2. LOVE laptop lunch boxes - I just have to convince E to give in, and let me finally buy one!

  3. That's one cool lunch box. Those things have sure come a long way.
    Joe and Tanner look like they are really enjoying that sunshine~ It's raining again here today...

  4. that is the cutest Mug ever. My mom used to collect owls. now my daughter loves them too. this is Debby, formally."olive, the other relish"

  5. Love the lunchbox... but that owl cup is AWESOME!!!