Thursday, February 5, 2009

White Fish with Roasted Corn

It is almost Friday, thank goodness for that, right? On a Friday night I am usually ready to just relax and don't feel like making a fancy meal. Since I am cooking just for me, I can make whatever I want and this fish recipe has my name all over it.

This is so quick and easy you will be enjoying a tasty meal in no time and you can start your weekend. Preheat your broiler and lets gather just a few ingredients.

Mayo, one of my favorite things in the world. If you don't like mayo you should probably just stop reading here.

Chili Powder, another of my favorites.

Cat fish or any other white fish you like. The recipe actually calls for tilapia.

A lime.

And finally some frozen corn.

Combine the mayo, chili powder and some salt.

This would make a great spread on a chicken sandwich also!

Grab a baking pan or baking sheet and brush it with the mayo mixture. The mayo will keep the fish from sticking to the pan, what a great idea.

Brush the top of the fish with the remainder of the mayo mixture.

Defrost some corn and layer it on top of the fish. Broil this for about 10 minutes and your meal is ready!

Serve this up with a nice salad and you will be eating 15 minutes after you walk in the door.

I want to thank everyone again for the comments and emails. I have received a few emails from people who have tried and enjoyed several recipes I featured here and I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know you got some use out of this blog. I still love doing it so it gets me excited to know people still enjoy reading it. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I think I've found another one fur my mom to make!


  2. Looks great. I'm always trying to find new ways to make tilapia. Thank you for another great recipe.

  3. That looks absolutely lush... I love cooking with tilapia or catfish as well.. ;)

  4. I am not a big fan of fish. I always put on it a lot of mayo when I eat it!
    This recipe sure is for me!
    Lorenza's mom!

  5. wow, I am always looking out for new fish recipes, living in Scotland, we have wonderful fresh white fish stocks, although obviously not tilapia (never heard of this one!), this is why I like your blog because I learn new stuff all the time!

    I imagine from the photo on this post is looks similar to our haddock fillets, difficult to tell though.

    I have a Fish Delivery Man, who calls every Wednesday from the East Coast here, with wonderful fresh seafood choices however I do tend to get stuck in the same rut when cooking fish.

    Will give this recipe a try.

    Also, I wondered, when you eat this amazing food on your own, what does your Dine Alone Partner eat?? This has fascinated me for a while, since I have to cook regularly for between two and five of us!

    oh and I adore Mayo!

    Jeannie x

  6. wonderful! I'm all over this one... I often make mayo and chili for a dip or spread.. never thought of it on fish...

  7. Hi, thanks. We love fish. All of us... This is a very easy recipe and we can buy tilapia or panga here.