Saturday, June 29, 2013

Favorite Things #53 - Rita's Water Ice

This weekend the Phoenix area is under an excessive heat warning. Right now it is 9:45am and it is already 104 degrees on my patio, in the shade. Yesterday our high was 116 and they are forecasting 118 for today. I have lived in AZ for almost 17 years and I am used to the fact that we will be over 100 degrees from May until October but 116 is HOT. Like go open your oven and feel that hot wind hit you and that is what walking through a parking lot in 116 degree heat feels like.

When it is that hot something cool is definitely in order. I was so excited to learn that one of the best Summer treats from the East coast had made its way to AZ, Rita's Water Ice. This place is SO good and one finally opened within reasonable driving distance from my house. It opened a few weeks ago but just by pure luck we went on their 'official' grand opening and we got FREE Italian ice!

Rita's Ice
I chose the Swedish Fish candy flavor and it was absolutely delicious and just as good as I remembered it from back in PA. Tom got the Blue Raspberry and had fun showing me his blue lips and teeth the whole way home.

I hope you are having a much cooler weekend where you are!


  1. oh my, but you are suffering from some dreadful heat. Out here in southern California it was 103 today, but that was later in the afternoon. I hope your heat breaks soon, and until then, I think you have found the solution!

  2. It's quite cold here today - shoe weather, but that ice looks almost creamy. I love it when it' like that!

  3. I wish we had some of your heat, it is freezing down under :D
    I love your solution to combatting it!


  4. That looks like a good 15 minute cool!! I would kill for heat like that. I know I'm weird but, I was in OK and it was 103 and I loved it. If it never got below 95 degrees I would be the happiest girl in the world!

  5. Stay safe and cool!!! Water ice is definitely key. ANd delicious.

  6. holy smoke. I feel grumpy from the heat when it is above 80...
    Glad to hear you've adjusted for the most part.
    Good luck with the high heats!

  7. Wow, I don't know if I could handle that hot of weather. Stay cool. The water ice looks yummy.

  8. It's so hot in Japan...I need this right now! :)